Responsible and Attractive Employer


At the OTE Group, we believe that our people are our most important capital. By putting our corporate motto “An excellent environment to work and grow” into action, we ensure that we provide a modern, efficient work environment, an environment that guarantees safety and equality in providing opportunities, that encourages professional and personal development, alongside skill development, and an environment that recognizes and rewards high performance and ultimately yields employee satisfaction. At the OTE Group, as a living entity that is constantly evolving and changing, we make sure to cultivate and encourage open communication and dialog, aiming to keep our people satisfied.

Given our goal of transitioning to the new digital age, we are developing digital tools to support human resources systems and applications while simplifying, merging and harmonizing policies, processes and systems. For this reason, we are implementing digital skills development programs to meet the needs of our employees. At the same time, we support modern organizational structures, adopting a flexible and functional Family Job Model and enhancing our organizational effectiveness.

Assessing and managing employee performance, selecting suitable candidates for the right positions, and the programs for recruiting, retaining, and managing talent all combine to forge the OTE Group's profile as a modern and attractive employer.

For all these reasons, the OTE Group ranks among the top employers, both for existing employees and people who are starting, continuing or refocusing their career and want to join its workforce.