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I-PROGNOSIS (Intelligent Parkinson Early Detection Guiding Novel Supportive Interventions)

Objective: Prognosis of Parkinson's disease and new health practices based on technology

COSMOTE is participating in the European research project i-PROGNOSIS (, which aims to ensure timely prognosis of Parkinson's disease and to improve patients' quality of life with the use of technology.

Combining technology with medical experience, i-PROGNOSIS aims to promote the prognosis of Parkinson's disease through advanced behavioral data analysis, in daily use of smart devices (smartphones, smartwatches), as well as to help manage the disease by developing new health practices based on technology. Results include physical strengthening of patients', reduced hospitalization costs and improved quality of life. 

Parkinson's is a chronic and degenerative disease, usually developing after 55 years of age. Besides common tremors and other kinetic symptoms that are treated with medication, patients may also experience several other symptoms such as sleeping disorders, depression, pain and constipation, which usually cannot be effectively treated. For the time being it is not possible to diagnose the disease via lab tests and, consequently, early symptoms are often not clinically assessed.

As part of the project, COSMOTE is helping identify the technical requirements and system specifications as well as with its overall evaluation. It is also contributing to the dissemination and further utilization of the project's results.

The i-PROGNOSIS project is co-funded by the EU through the Horizon 2020 Program. It involves 11 partners from 6 countries (Greece, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden) and is expected to run for 48 months (2/2016-1/2020).

For more information see the project factsheet.