Contact with the structure and operations of an integrated organization and drawing stimuli, knowledge and experience from it serve as tools in the development of young people. For this reason, OTE Group develops collaborations with universities and supports an open communication channel with the liaison offices of higher education institutions.

In this way, OTE Group brings young people into contact with the labor market, while seeking its own future executives from amongst their ranks.


At OTE Group, we offer students and learners the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained through their academic studies in an integrated and modern work environment.

A student internship at OTE Group, as they complete their studies, allows students to acquire extensive work experience in all the Group’s operational units. During their on-the-job training, they learn and develop skills that enhance their professional and personal development and lay the foundations for their later career.

Students cooperate systematically with OTE Group employees, creating a strong professional network that they can use in the future.
During their internship, their development and progress are systematically monitored and they are provided with regular performance feedback, as part of a comprehensive 3600 evaluation system.

In 2016, OTE Group offered internships to 488 students (from Universities, Technological Educational Institutes, Vocational Training Institutes). In the 2014-2016 period alone, over 1,570 students chose our company for their internship.

If you are interested in an internship with us, please fill out the expression of interest form.

OTE takes part in career events

OTE Group participates and systematically supports actions and initiatives by universities and other institutions dedicated to careers and career planning, known as Career Days.

There, representatives of the Human Resources team talk with students, graduates and young professionals and inform them about career opportunities and student programs at OTE Group.

Open invitation-challenge

As part of educational visits, students and graduates are often welcomed to OTE Group’s workplaces, to offer them a unique educational experience.

Depending on their field of study, young learners and students visit real workplaces, where they can feel the heartbeat of OTE Group.

Such places are the NMC (Network Management Center), the Situation Center (Critical Incident Management Center) and the IT Data Center, a state-of-the-art computer equipment hosting center.

High-level executives from different Group operations make presentations about important projects in their area of responsibility and discuss current issues in entrepreneurship and technology.