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Employee Volunteering


The OTE Group sets the example! Employee volunteering and participation in sustainability initiatives form a major part of the Group's overall social contribution. Just some of the most significant activities are presented below:

  • Blood Donation Program: This program was introduced in 1976. It is the Group's longest-lasting voluntary program through which more than 2,000 units of blood are collected every year, in order to meet the needs of employees and their families as well as Greek society. Specifically, in 2019, 2,765 units of blood were collected from OTE Group employees.   
  • "Running for a good cause": For fourteen years now, OTE Group employees have been running in the Athens Authentic Marathons, supporting the work of charitable organizations. In 2019, more than 1,100 employees took part resulting in the donation of € 15,000 to the Non-Profit Organization “Eliza” Society for the prevention of cruelty to children.
  • Charity bazaars: In 2019, OTE Group organized charitable Christmas bazaars in Greece, with the participation of 14 NGOs supporting children, with over 3.000 employees which contributed, aiming at raising funds for a good cause. Moreover, for yet another year, employees responded to the call «Be a volunteer» and participated in charitable events and bazaars organized by NGOs. The aim of the events and the bazaars was to raise money to support children in need. Specifically, employees helped in the organization of the charity bazaars of ‘MDA Hellas' and ‘Friends of the Child'.