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Research Project VICINITY (12/2015-11/2019)

Objective: The end-users' ability to monitor and control their level of privacy.

OTE participates in the VICINITY European research project (, the primary aim of which is to provide the owners of connected IoT infrastructures with a decentralized interoperability. The concept of decentralism is expressed by the fact that the platform includes neither central operator roles, nor central databases to store sensitive data about users. Instead of that, it connects different smart objects into a "social network" called virtual neighborhood where infrastructure owners keep their shared devices and data under control thanks to the web-based operator console called VICINITY neighborhood manager (VNM). The ubiquitous interoperability that is intended to be brought by VICINITY will pave the way towards independent value-added services across IoT domains taking benefits of the availability of large amounts of data that are generated by IoT assets.

As part of the project, OTE participates in the overall system evaluation through pilot testing (smart energy, smart buildings, ITS, e-health) in the laboratory and the field. Additionally, the company contributes to the dissemination and exploitation of the project results.

The project is co-funded by the EU through the Horizon 2020 Program and is scheduled to run for 4 years (12/2015-11/2019). VICINITY is being implemented by 13 partners from 9 countries (Greece, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Slovenia, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, Norway, Portugal).

For more information, see the project factsheet and video.