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Research Project UNIFY (11/2013-4/2016)

Objective: Envisioning the unification of cloud computing and carrier networks as well as improving user experience, flexibility and new services development.

OTE participated in the UNIFY EU research project (, aiming to build a new architecture that enables virtualization of carrier networks and their integration with cloud computing technologies. This new infrastructure will help improve the experience of end users, support more and higher quality services as well as significantly reduce operational costs.

It is the first time that the unification of network infrastructure and data centers is attempted at research level, delivering multiple advantages in terms of innovation and technological leadership. UNIFY's architecture enables flexible network management through software, by reducing significantly the need for costly and time-consuming hardware installations, configurations, upgrades, monitoring and restoration activities. At the same time, it allows for the provision of innovative services for consumers and businesses.


UNIFYUnifying Cloud and Carrier Networks 

As part of the project, OTE participated in the identification of the use cases and technical requirements, the definition of the specifications and the system architecture, while leading the overall solution evaluation both in laboratory and field trials. Moreover, the company contributed to the dissemination and exploitation of the project results and the investigation of relevant business models.

The project was co-funded by the EU through the 7th Framework Program and ran for 33 months (11/2013-4/2016). UNIFY was implemented by 16 entities from 7 countries (Greece, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden and Spain).

For more information see the project factsheet.