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Research Project SPIRIT (12/2013-11/2016)

Objective: The fabrication of a fully programmable transceiver in a single package for Terabit optical transport networks.

OTE participated in the SPIRIT European research project (, aiming at the fabrication of low-cost, energy-efficient flexible transceivers being capable of gridless operation and compatible with both current and future applications.

The innovative optical components that were implemented As part of the project are of low power consumption and programmable, thus contributing to the establishment of a new logical network management through specialized software without physical presence. This allows for flexibility, time reduction in the implementation of new services and network maintenance or repair, as well as significantly lower costs.  


As part of the project, OTE participated in the definition of the optical transceiver application scenarios, the technical requirements, system specifications and its overall evaluation while the company was responsible for the evaluation of the transceiver both in the laboratory and the field. Moreover, OTE contributed to the dissemination of the project results as well as the formation of new relevant business model.

The project was co-funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Program (FP7) and ran for 3 years (12/2013-11/2016). It was implemented by 6 partners from 4 countries (Greece, Germany, Belgium, Italy).