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CHARISMA Research Project (07/2015-12/2017)

Objective: to develop a cloud-based 5G network infrastructure supporting high security, high performance and low energy consumption

COSMOTE is participating in the European research project CHARISMA (, which aims to develop an innovative cloud-based 5G network infrastructure for high end-to-end security, high performance (high bandwidth, low latency), high spectral efficiency and low energy consumption, capable of supporting e-health, wellness monitoring, IoT and smart cities applications.

CHARISMA proposes an intelligent hierarchical routing architecture that combines two important concepts: devolved offload with shortest path nearest to end-users and an end-to-end security service chain via virtualized, open access, physical layer security. A cloud based platform with enhanced performance, increased spectral and energy efficiency will be used to target the 5G-PPP objectives of a 1000-fold increase in mobile data volume, 10-100 times higher data rates, 10-100 times more connected devices and 5-fold reduced latency.

As part of the project, COSMOTE is involved in identifying use cases and user/system requirements, defining system specifications and system architecture as well as in overall evaluation. Additionally, the company contributes to dissemination activities and exploitation of project results, as well as investigation of the business model.

The project is co-funded by the EU through the Horizon 2020 Program, and is being implemented with the participation of 14 partners from 9 countries (Greece, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, France, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Portugal, Israel) and is expected to run for 30 months (07/2015-12/2017).

CHARISMA - Converged Heterogeneous Advanced 5G Cloud-RAN Architecture for Intelligent and Secure Media Access 

For more information see the project factsheet and the relevant video.