Research & Innovation


To consolidate technological superiority - one of its strategic pillars- the OTE Group systematically promotes research and innovation (R&I) which generates multiple benefits for society, customers and the OTE Group as a whole, while also positively impacting on its business sustainability (future products and services, technologies and telecom networks, cost and energy efficiency, new business opportunities, competitiveness, etc.).

By actively participating in R&I activities, the OTE Group:

  • Remains at the forefront of the technological evolution while strengthening its innovative profile and its brand name.
  • Proactively identifies/evaluates new business opportunities (vertical markets support, adaptation of business processes, collaboration with new/existing market players, exploitation of project results, etc.) and creates potential for offering innovative products and adopting emerging technology approaches.
  • Acquires significant expertise and know-how on state-of-the-art (SoTA) and beyond-SoTA technologies and network architectures from the very early stages of development (5G Networks, IoT, Cloud, SDN/NFV, smart energy grids, Intelligent Transport Systems, e-health, NextGen Emergency Services, Security/Privacy, Terrestrial/Satellite Backhauling, etc.).
  • Contributes to strategic sustainable development goals to benefit the environment and society.

At a glance:

  • We are participating in 37 innovative technology EU funded research projects (2019)
  • We are participating in 22 out of 63[1] EU funded 5G-PPP projects aiming at the design and implementation of advanced 5G infrastructures and the demonstration of innovative services/applications. The active participation in EU 5G projects empowers OTE Group to play a significant role in the 5G-PPP initiative helping reinforce European industry to successfully compete on global markets and open up new innovation opportunities.
  • We have established a wide network of partnerships with industry, academia and research communities featuring more than 800 partners.
  • We co-operate with all the major national Universities and Research Institutes in the context of thesis dissertations, hands-on practice, etc., thus providing students and graduates with the opportunity to cooperate with the leading telecom operator in the Balkans.
  • We contribute to funding of internal projects/activities, such as development of tools/apps/products/services and testbeds tailored to the company’s internal needs and/or the research projects' needs.
  • We assess new technologies and the telecommunication infrastructures of the future.
  • We have developed a joint technology lab with the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and signed a MoU aiming at know-how exchange and collaboration on technical and business issues of common interest.
  • We participate in the deployment of a pilot 5G network in the Municipality of Zografou aiming at the development of a 5G ecosystem with the active co-operation of the Academic community and pioneering enterprises.
  • We run entrepreneurship promotion programs to achieve a better world through technology and innovation (see COSMOTE StartUp, COSMOTE HACKATHON, internal HACKATHON).

Have you heard that since 2009, OTE Group:

  • Has participated in more than 450 research project proposals
  • Has actively participated in more than 75 R&D funded projects
  • Has contributed to more than 150 technical publications/papers in prestigious international journals/periodicals and conferences
  • Has (co)organized more than 15 international conferences/workshops
  • Has received more than 10 distinctions in national and international competitions.


Indicative R&D Projects