Suppliers Selection


In order to select potential suppliers for a procurement request and compile a candidate list, a relevant market survey is carried out by the Procurement Management unit, in cooperation with the business unit requesting the supplies.

For companies on the eligible supplier list that have either not previously been contracted (new companies) or have not been contracted for more than 2 years, if the commission value exceeds € 50,000 (with the exception of consultants who are independently audited), a pre-contractual integrity check and a compliance business assessment are carried out in accordance with the Regulatory Compliance Criteria. As part of this process, inclusion of these companies in the Non-Compliant List is also checked.

Among other things, the process of evaluating suppliers' bids and selecting them through the bidding process is based on the following key criteria:

            •      technical specifications

            •      price

            •      commercial terms

            •      contract terms

            •      regular checks

            •      criteria related to Corporate Responsibility (e.g. Certification of Quality / Environmental Management /
            Health and Safety Systems, Supplier Code of Ethics, etc.)

Specific criteria related to corporate responsibility can be added to each procurement invitation in accordance with the specifications required and defined by the business unit that initiates the procurement process. All potential suppliers are required to declare that they explicitly agree with the OTE Suppliers Code of Conduct and / or the COSMOTE Suppliers Code of Conduct, which summarize the intention of OTE and COSMOTE to cooperate with socially and environmentally responsible suppliers.

This intention of the Group is reinforced by the OTE Group Social Charter, in which the Group declares its compliance with international standards, and its respect for human rights, especially when national laws and regulations and / or their implementation are not sufficient or do not exist. and its compliance with and observance of its Ten Basic Social Principles as binding principles wherever it operates.  

The contract which contractors are required to sign includes special clauses on health and safety issues, anti-corruption, security and confidentiality. In addition, signing the contract also ensures compliance with the OTE and COSMOTE's Suppliers Codes of Conduct. The OTE and COSMOTE Suppliers Codes of Conduct describe the criteria that the companies use to evaluate their suppliers on Employment, Health and Safety, as well as Environmental and Ethical issues. In addition, vendors are committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure that their subcontractors comply with these provisions. OTE's Supplier Code of Conduct was approved and entered into force in 2013, while COSMOTE’s has been in force since 2008.

The Suppliers' Codes of Conduct include a detailed section on labor issues, under which suppliers are committed to respect employees' rights and treat them with dignity and respect in line with the principles of the international community. Among other things, there are clauses on freedom of choice, the prohibition on all forms of forced and child labor, and the protection of new employees.

There are also additional provisions on working hours, wages, fair and reasonable employment conditions, and a provision on humane treatment, non-discrimination and recognition of the freedom of association.