Employee Selection and Attracting Talented Employees


OTE Group's approach to human resource development is based on the Guiding Principal "Best place to perform and grow".

The performance evaluation is a fundamental tool to identify the work output and contribution of employees and executives. The annual assessment applies to all hierarchical levels. The evaluation system emphasizes to enhancement of excellence in customer experience and, in line with the Guiding Principles, the Leadership Principles and the OTE Group Code of Conduct.

As for Employee Selection, the aim of OTE Group is to select appropriate candidates for each specific position.  Selection is based on transparent and merit based criteria. The Group aims to be the employer of choice and to offer all candidates a positive experience, regardless of the outcome.

In the context of Attracting Talented Employees, in 2014, the first "COSMOTE Graduate Trainee Program" was launched and in 2016 the first internal talent management program for existing employees in OTE Group "you.grow Internal Talent Program" was implemented. Through these programs, external talents and existing workers have the opportunity to growth and to further develop their skills and abilities.