Educational Robotics

COSMOTE contributes to a better world for all, through investing in the development of children and young people’s digital skills from all over the country. How this is realized? COSMOTE, during the last 6 years, as a strategic partner of Non-Profit Organization of Educational Robotics and Science WRO Hellas, implements a series of initiatives in order to disseminate educational robotics and STEM (Science– Technology- Engineering– Mathematics) educational method. Until now, the students' participations in these initiatives have exceeded the 17,000.

Educational robotics is based on STEM, combining science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Through educational robotics initiatives, children develop skills necessary for their future, such as teamwork, creativity and critical thinking.  

Every year, COSMOTE and WRO Hellas implement the Pan-Hellenic Educational Robotics Competition for kindergarten children, as well as for Primary school, Junior and Senior High- School Students. Moreover the National stages for the World Robot Olympiad are conducted in a yearly basis, through which the Greek teams participating annually in the World Robot Olympiad™ are selected.  Moreover, educational workshops and webinars are offered to more than 2,000 teachers from all over Greece, free of charge 

World Robot Olympiad 2019: Registration for participation in the National Competition has started
Smart Cities of the future is the subject of the World Robot Olympiad 2019 that will be held in November in Hungary, with the participation of thousands of students from all over the world. The Greek mission that will represent our country at this top event will be showcased at the National Competition organized at the end of June by the Non-Profit Organization of Educational Robotics and Science WRO Hellas with COSMOTE as strategic partner.

Submissions at the National Competition have started. Students from all over Greece can register online until 10th of June 2019 at WRO Hellas webpage (   
In the light of this year’s Olympiad, students are challenged to present new innovative ideas in order to assist to the construction of the smart cities of the future, where the extended use of digital technologies will contribute in saving resources and in environmental protection, thus improving citizens’ daily life.

Students are requested to present robotic constructions with regard to Smart Passenger Transport, Smart Lighting, Smart Networks, Smart Governance, Smart Education and Smart workplaces.

World Robot Olympiad is a significant global event for science, technology and education. The aim of this event is to enable young people to develop their creativity and their skills in solving problems, by participating in complex social and environmental challenges in order to contribute to a world better for all. Until now, Greece has conquered two medals and several Olympic distinctions.

WRO Hellas

WRO Hellas aims at the dissemination of Educational Robotics in the Greek educational system, through the organization of national competitions.  The Non-Profit Organization of Educational Robotics and Science WRO Hellas is the main organizer of robotics educational competitions in Greece and in the broader area of Southeast Europe. WRO Hellas is the official organizer of the World Robot Olympiad – W.R.O. in Greece

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