Employee Training and Satisfaction

OTE Group aims to excel as a work environment where everybody is able to perform at their full capacity and to develop professionally. In accordance with the needs of the Group and the prospects created by the technology, programs to upgrade existing (Upskilling), and learn new (Reskilling) skills are being designed and implemented for the employees. Moreover, leadership skills development tools are provided to executives with team management responsibility for their use.

Besides in-classroom training courses, OTE Group, as a technology organization and a top digital services provider, striving to enhance digital and life-long learning, provided its employees access to digital learning platforms, offering them a wide range of training subjects.

2018 Representative Training Programs

- ACT2 – Advanced Certification in Telecommunications Technologies
- BC2X – Branded Customer Experience Excellence Program
- Leadership Programs YouLead / Exelixis
- Digital Heroes

In the context of Employee Engagement and Satisfaction, the aim of OTE Group of companies is to have dedicated employees and to attract the best candidates. 

For this purpose:

  • employees are systematically informed on strategic, technological, and commercial issues, through the use of the available means of internal communication and of regular meetings within the units
  • programs, workshops, and focus groups are planned and implemented in an experiential and interactive way
  • the entire Management Team meet annually (Management Team Meeting) to disseminate the corporate strategy and corporate objectives
  • actions are being implemented to enable adherence to corporate behavior and leadership principles in the daily functioning of companies
  • employee surveys are carried out- on a regular basis- to assess the degree of job satisfaction and to be used as diagnostic tools to maintain the strengths and identify areas for improvement actions.