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Fair Employment


Combating Discrimination, Equal Opportunities and Diversity

The OTE Group Code of Conduct and Code of Human Rights and Social Principles constitute the framework guide for the behavior of all OTE Group employees. They actually connect the Group’s respect towards laws and regulations, together with specific commitments relating to ethical behavior. The combination of the two, together with the Guiding Principles, underpins the Group's success. At the same time, for the formulation of all OTE Group’s Human Resources policies priority is given on meritocracy, transparency and non-discrimination. These values govern all decisions and actions related to people related activities, such as hiring, salaries, employee growth and development and contract maturity.

The promotion of diversity and the harmonious integration of different skills, talents and experiences of OTE Group employees, for both men and women, add extra value to the Group; thereby ensuring its developmental perspective, while respecting the society in which it operates.

OTE complies with the Hellenic Corporate Governance (HCG) Code, which states that “the Board should be diversified as to gender, and include a diversity of skills, views, competences, knowledge, qualifications and experience, relevant to the business objectives of the company. Within such context, the company should pursue the optimum diversity, including gender balance, in the composition of its Board and the senior executive team.”

OTE Group respects the importance of avoiding unlawful gender discrimination. In 2010, OTE Group was among the first companies to issue a 30% quota with regards to the employment of women in upper and middle management positions by 2015. The target has already been achieved.

Furthermore, in 2010, OTE Group, OME – OTE (OTE’s largest Union) and UNI (Union Network International) signed a global agreement for the prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, religion, political opinion, etc.

In that direction, local and international Human Resources executives (from OTE and DT Group) have set up working groups to promote a culture of inclusive transformation that embraces diversity, accelerates innovation and empowers trust and high performance. These communities have been established for the exchange of ideas and best practices.