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Advanced Cyber-Threat Intelligence, Detection, and Mitigation Platform for a Trusted
Internet of Things
(4/2018 – 3/2021)

Aim: The development of an innovative platform towards securing the IoT ecosystem

The CYBER-TRUST project aims at developing an innovative cyber-threat intelligence gathering, detection, and mitigation platform, as well as, at performing high quality interdisciplinary research in key areas for introducing novel concepts and approaches to tackle the grand challenges towards securing the ecosystem of IoT devices.

The high level project objectives are:

  • To create a new paradigm for the next generation cyber-security systems, especially suited for the IoT
  • To quickly detect and effectively respond to/mitigate sophisticated cyber-attacks.
  • To deliver advanced solutions for collecting forensic information
  • To minimize the impact on sensitive data and user’s privacy via the proposed tools and methods.
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