The company COSMOTE MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS S.A. (COSMOTE or the Company) was established in the form of a societe anonyme in 1996 (Societes Anonymes and Limited Liability Companies Bulletin of the Government Gazette 6719/3.10.1996) under the name “Cellular Operating System of Mobile Telecommunications S.A.”. In June 1999 (Government Gazette 6180/28.7.99), it changed its name to “COSMOTE MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS S.A.”. The Company’s term has been set at 50 years. It operates in accordance with its Articles of Association, current legislation on societes anonyme and its sole shareholder (holding 100%) is OTE S.A.

COSMOTE S.A.'s registered offices are in the Municipality of Marousi, Attica (at 99 Kifissias Avenue). It trades under the name “COSMOTE”, it is registered in the General Commercial Registry under number 2410501000 (former Companies Reg. No. 36581/01/ΑΤ/Β/96/449) and its Tax Identification Number is 094493766.