Approach and Performance


OTE Group uses technology and its capabilities to create a better world for all. At the same time, it enhances its sustainable entrepreneurship, while, contributing to the economy, the society and the environment.Sustainability is an integral component of OTE Group’s business strategy and its Sustainability Principles are integrated into its operation. 

Sustainability Focus Areas

Sustainability Business Model

OTE Group’s business model aims to create value for its shareholders, its customers, the society, its employees and the environment.

As a result, the Group continuously improves its products and services, offers new job opportunities, cooperates with a large number of suppliers, pays taxes to the state and contributes (financially and in kind) to society. In addition, it provides equal opportunities, facilitates access of vulnerable social groups to the digital world and takes measures to reduce its environmental footprint. At the same time, its products and services help customers reduce their environmental impact.

The Group’s efficient operation and high competitiveness lead to positive economic results and allows the Group to reinvest in the business to create more value for all its stakeholders in the short, medium and long-term.