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SmarT mObility, media and e-health for toURists and citizenS
(6/2019 – 5/2022)

Aim: End-to-end trials of 5G services for tourists, citizens and patients.

5G-TOURS will deploy to bring 5G to real users for 13 representative use cases. The project will provide efficient and reliable close-to-commercial services for tourists, citizens and patients in three different cities: (i) Rennes, where e-health use cases will be demonstrated; (ii) Turin, the city focused on media and broadcast use cases; and (iii) Athens, the city that brings 5G to moving users as well as to transport-related service providers.
These services will not only improve the quality of life for citizens and tourists, but also represent an important business opportunity. The ambition is to fully demonstrate pre-commercial 5G technologies at a large scale, showing the ability of the 5G network to meet extreme and antagonistic KPIs while supporting very diverse requirements on the same infrastructure.
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