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5G HEalth AquacultuRe and Transport validation trials
(6/2019 – 5/2022)

Aim: The demonstration of innovative 5G use cases regarding healthcare, transport and aquaculture industry.

5G-HEART is one of 5G PPP Phase 3 projects that will demonstrate innovative digital use cases involving healthcare, transport and aquaculture industry partnerships. In the health area, 5G-HEART will validate pillcams for automatic detection screening of colon cancer and vital-sign patches with advanced geo-localization, as well as, 5G AR/VR paramedic services. In the transport area, 5G-HEART will validate autonomous/assisted/remote driving and vehicle data services. Regarding food chain safety, focus will be on 5G-based transformation of aquaculture sector.

The infrastructure shared by the verticals will host important innovations: slicing as a service; resource orchestration in access/core and cloud/edge segments with live user environments. 5G-HEART KPIs validation ensures improved healthcare, public safety, farm management and business models in a 5G market, that stimulates huge business opportunities within and beyond the project.

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