5G Harmonised Research and Trials for Service Evolution Between EU and China
(09/2018 – 02/2021)

Aim: To validate the interoperability between EU & China 5G networks for eMMB and V2X scenarios.

OTE participates in the 5G-DRIVE (https://5g-drive.eu/) European research project, aiming at testing and validating the interoperability between EU & China 5G networks operating at 3.5 GHz bands for enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) and 3.5 & 5.9 GHz bands for V2X scenarios. 5G-DRIVE is the only EU-funded project in this thematic area and “triggers” the roll-out of real 5G networks and V2X innovative solutions; thus driving new business opportunities.

More specifically, 5G-DRIVE: (i) predicts for joint trials and research activities to facilitate technology convergence, spectrum harmonisation and business innovation before large scale commercial deployments of 5G networks take place; (ii) aims at developing key 5G technologies and pre-commercial testbeds for eMBB and V2X services in collaboration with the twinned Chinese project “5G Product R&D Large-scale Trial” led by China Mobile, and; (iii) promotes extensive trials for testing and validating key 5G functionalities, services and network planning, to be conducted in eight cities across the EU (Finland, Italy and UK) and China.

As part of the 5G-DRIVE project, OTE leads the effort for the description of the related scenarios and use cases, the identification of the user/system requirements and related specifications as well as for the definition of the system architecture. In addition, OTE will be involved in the eMBB development and trials and contribute to the intended activities for the 5G technology and service innovations. Additionally, the company participates in dissemination and exploitation activities together with business analysis and assessment of the expected findings.

The project is co-funded by the EU through the Horizon 2020 Programme, within the scope of the 5G-PPP framework of Phase 3 and will last 2.5 years. 5G-DRIVE is being implemented by seventeen (17) partners from nine (9) countries (Greece, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Luxembourg and United Kingdom).

Overall concept of the 5G-DRIVE