Multimedia Information Services (MIS) via SMS

Learn about MIS via SMS offered by partner companies via the network of COSMOTE.

1. What are MIS?

Multimedia Information Services (MIS) are services that offer access to content via SMS, MMS and voice. The content can include, indicatively, participation in TV programs and radio broadcasts, astrology services, games, ringtones, wallpapers etc.

MIS are provided by MIS providers. These companies collaborate with COSMOTE in order to provide this type of services and take the sole responsibility for their content and the manner in which they are provided.

2. In what ways are MIS available via SMS?
3. How can I register in subscription services?
4. What should I pay attention to?
5. What can I do if I receive an SMS for registration in a subscription service I do not recognize?
6. How can I unsubscribe from a subscription service?
7. I have an inquiry or a complaint about the MIS. Whom should I contact?  
8. Where can I find information on the SMS codes and their charges?
9. Is barring an option? What are my options?