COSMOTE WiFi Calling
Now you can talk on the mobile
even at places with no signal!
With COSMOTE and the WIFI CALLING service you can even talk at the most difficult locations!
All you need is WiFi and a device that is compatible!
The service ensures your seamless communication, utilizing COSMOTE's mobile and fixed networks! When you are in a location with a low mobile signal, the service automatically routes voice calls over the WiFi network.
Communication with no interruption
Thanks to cutting-edge Voice Over WiFi technology, you can make and receive calls and SMS from anywhere indoors, outdoors or underground, even when the signal is very limited, as long as you have access to a WiFi network.
It's for free
COSMOTE WiFi Calling is provided free of charge at no additional charges and with no need of other applications.
It is accomplished automatically
After initial activation, the service operates automatically and you can enjoy seamless communication. Nothing is to be done by you!
Covering more difficult places than ever
Now you have more coverage than ever, because, because besides the WiFi network in your home, the COSMOTE WIFI network which automatically gives you access to 1,000,000 points in Greece!
Better and faster calls
ΜWith VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology, mobile calls are made faster and have improved sound quality and save power on your device.
Compatible devices
Η συσκευή είναι συμβατή με την υπηρεσία WiFi Calling
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WiFi Calling service
Step 1
Send WIFICALL to 1333 via SMS
Step 2
After you receive a confirmation SMS, confirm that you have the latest version of the operating system and  restart your device.
Step 3
Android devices
Follow the setup instructions here or you can watch the related video with the activation instructions here!
iPhone devices
Follow the setup instructions here or you can watch the related video with the activation instructions here! here!
Now upgrade your communication with COSMOTE WiFi Calling,
at no extra charge and using no additional applications.
What is COSMOTE WiFi Calling and what does it offer me?
COSMOTE WiFi Calling combines the benefits of new VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) and VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technologies. Specifically, with VoWiFi, COSMOTE mobile subscribers can make and receive calls and SMSs even when their signal is very low, provided they are within range of any WiFi network to which they have access. Also, with VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology, mobile calls are made faster, have improved sound quality with lower power consumption, while allowing simultaneous use of 4G/4G+ mobile data during the call.
How can I activate this service?
To activate the COSMOTE WiFi Calling service all you need is to send a free SMS to 1333 typing WIFICALL.
What are the conditions for activating and using the service?
To be able to use the COSMOTE WiFi Calling service you need to:
  • be a COSMOTE Mobile or Prepaid Card/What's Up/Card Contract subscriber
  • own a compatible device (see above)
  • have 4G enabled on your connection.
Can I use the service with any WiFi network?
Yes, as long as there is an internet connection.
By using COSMOTE WiFi Calling, what is the difference in the way I make calls today?
It doesn't change anything in your experience. COSMOTE WiFi Calling service does not need any application to be installed on your device. It is automatically available the moment you activate it.
Are there any charges for the COSMOTE WiFi Calling service?
No. Activation of the service is free, and calls are charged according to your contract.
I have a Prepaid Card/What's Up/Cost Control. Can I use COSMOTE WiFi Calling?
Yes. The service is available to COSMOTE, Prepaid Card/What's Up/Cost Control subscribers.
How does COSMOTE WiFi Calling service works?
By priority, calls are made over VoLTE if there is 4G coverage, otherwise through 2G/3G (same as today). If there is no mobile signal and at the same time your device has access to a WiFi network, calls then are made via VoWiFi. On Samsung devices, it is possible to preselect VoWiFi so that priority is given to WiFi even when there is mobile signal (only recommended when WiFi connection is good and mobile signal is low at the same time). On Apple devices, after upgrading the software, in the Settings - Phone menu you should enable Wi-Fi Calling.
If, during a VoWiFi call, I move out of WiFi range will the call be interrupted?
The call will continue over VoLTE if there is 4G coverage. The same appliqués to reverse transition, i.e. from VoLTE to VoWiFi.
Can I use the COSMOTE WiFi Calling service outside Greece?
No. Use of the service applies only to calls made within Greece.
Calls to emergency numbers
Calls to emergency numbers (e.g. 112, 100, 166, 199, etc.) are made as today (2G/3G mobile network required, to which transition is made automatically if needed).
Call barring from mobile
Call barring works normally. However, to set new barrings or change/remove existing ones, call Customer Service (Individuals 13888, Business 13818)
How do I deactivate COSMOTE WiFi Calling?
To deactivate COSMOTE WiFi Calling service all you need is to send a free SMS to 1333 typing END WIFICALL.

1. COSMOTE WiFi Calling service (hereinafter "the Service") provides the ability to make mobile calls or send text messages (SMS) either through the COSMOTE 4G (LTE) data network when available or via WiFi (wireless local area network) when there is no mobile signal. A prerequisite for using the "Service" through WiFi is that the subscriber has activated WiFi on their device and made connection to the corresponding WiFi network.

2. The "Service" is provided only within Greece and is not available while roaming. Emergency number 112 may be dialed while using the "Service".

3. The "Service" requires activation of provision of data services over the COSMOTE 4G network to the subscriber connection, use of a device that supports access to the 4G (LTE) mobile network and at the same time use of compatible software for the "Service". The software is upgraded by the device manufacturer and consumes the data of their program at the corresponding charges according to the subscriber's tariff plan.

4. Devices each time compatible with the "Service" are listed on the web site.

5. Disabling the "Service" does not automatically disable data services via the COSMOTE 4G network.

6. Disabling data services over the COSMOTE 4G network automatically disables the "Service".

7. Airtime or text messages over the COSMOTE 4G (LTE) data network, or via WiFi, are deducted from any integrated use of the subscriber's program and are not related to data consumption. After consuming the integrated use, the charge for calls or text messages according to the subscriber plan is applicable.

8. The service activation fee is free of charge. Information about the service is provided on the web site.