From 27/10/2016, the commercial availability of “Spotify Premium Pack” which offers the Spotify Premium service, 80MB for Internet usage and 500MB for free streaming, expires.

Subscribers who want Spotify services must visit the Spotify webpage.

Subscribers who have activated the Spotify Premium Pack in a tariff plan in which the Premium Pack is provided free of charge and have a fixed-term contract with COSMOTE will continue to enjoy the Spotify Premium Pack until the expiry of their contract.

The subscribers of the aforementioned tariff plans have the right to terminate their contracts without any penalty (remaining balances from handset or terminal equipment subsidies are excluded) within one month since the publication of the present.

Any COSMOTE customer can deactivate the service by clicking on the following link “DELETION FROM SPOTIFY”.

If you have any question, read the following:
What will happen to my Spotify account?
After the service termination date, your Spotify Premium account will be automatically converted to a Spotify Free account, without any charge and without any action required from you. If you wish to continue with Spotify Premium you must select this option in the Spotify website.

Will I lose my playlists?
No your playlists will not be affected by the conversion of your Premium pack to Free.

Can I deactivate it earlier?
Any COSMOTE customer can be deleted from the service if he wishes to. Click on the aforementioned link “DELETION FROM THE SERVICE”.

Will I continue to have 500MB for service streaming and 80MB for Internet usage?
Only customers for whom Spotify Premium is available in their tariff plan or who have fixed-term contracts with COSMOTE will continue to have 500MB for service streaming and 80MB for Internet usage, until their contracts expire. For all other Spotify Premium categories, the free MB will be disabled along with the service.

For further questions or information, contact Customer Service at 13888 (charge 0.19 €/call from COSMOTE mobile).

Charges for calls to 13888 from other networks apply according to the respective Provider’s pricelist in force.