Mobile MIS Barring

Mobile MIS Barring

Responding to the need for protection from charges using Multimedia Information Service (MIS), via 5-digit short codes, COSMOTE offers you the ability to have a complete control through My COSMOTE App and What’s Up App, easily and quickly!

You can download the application for free and have:

  • a complete view of all 5-digit MIS that you have access to
  • the ability to bar with one click all charged incoming SMS
  • the ability to select the 5-digits you want to have bar / have access to

Open MyCOSMOTE App, select “Shop” and go to “Protection Services” section.

To block other MIS number ranges, please send us your request electronically or see other communication options below:

More options
Access to MIS is initially open to all our subscribers and can only be barred upon request.

The service is provided free of charge. Please note that if you bar the access to MIS, you will not be able to use these services after your request has been implemented. You can always deactivate barring via the same way, should you later change your mind.