For what purposes do we process your personal data?
We process your personal data to service your contract.
In order to apply for or sign an agreement for the provision of fixed and/or mobile telecommunication service with OTE and / or COSMOTE you need to provide us with your identity data (name, surname, address, VAT number, ID number, communication details, etc.), which we will process.

In addition, if you become a subscriber, it is necessary to process your traffic and location data (e.g., incoming and outgoing calls, location data, etc.) in order to transfer your communication to our network, to proceed with the billing of the services provided, as well as to deal with any problems and to provide you customer service. As part of our telecommunications network interconnection for the transmission of communication, we may transfer your personal data to other telecommunications network providers located in or outside the European Union.

Therefore such processing is effected in order for us to be able to execute the contract between us and to provide you our telecommunications services and/ or even upon your request prior to the signing of the contract..

In the context of serving our contractual relationship, OTE and COSMOTE may contact you by email or sms or even by telephone to send updates/newsletters regarding the service of your contract, such as to inform you of the impending termination of your contract, which may result in changes to your tariff plan. These messages do not contain any advertising content but are sent to serve and improve our contractual relationship. Obviously, you may object to the transmission of these updates/newsletters, as described here. Nevertheless, in such case, you will not receive any updates from us.
We process your personal data based on your consent to create your personal profile.
In addition to the execution of the existing agreement between us, OTE and COSMOTE may process your personal data on another legal basis, such as your consent.

Specifically, OTE and COSMOTE may, following your consent, process in combination your personal data derived by many of their services provided to you, in order to create your personal profile based on your personal preferences.

Profiling is a form of processing your personal data by automated means, that we may use to evaluate certain of your preferences, so as to predict products and services that you might be interest to and send you the relevant updates/ newsletters/ ads, based on your interests

Read the text providing consent here.
And we use them to communicate promotional messages that may interest you.
Moreover, the contact details you provide to us when you enter into our contract or when you communicate with us, as well as the phone, landline and mobile numbers you maintain on OTE and COSMOTE, may be used by OTE and COSMOTE for the purpose of communication for advertising / promotion of products and services, according to the legislation in force (Law 3471/2006). Thus, OTE and COSMOTE can send you promotional messages (eg via SMS, emails, push notifications, etc.) to the contact details that you have disclosed to us in an earlier transaction. OTE and COSMOTE will always give you the right to object to the use of your contact information for the purpose of advertising or promoting our services both during their collection (eg when entering into a contract between us) and within each advertising message (email, sms etc). Also, you should know that OTE and COSMOTE are likely to launch phone campaigns to directly market their products and services. if you do not wish to receive such updates, you may subscribe to the Register of article 11 of Law 3471/2006, which is maintained by both OTE and COSMOTE.
More information on the Registry, and how to register, can be found here.
If you do not wish to receive messages from us, you may:
  • contact Residential Customer Service on 13888 or Corporate Customer Service on 13818
  • Online via the contact form found in
We process your personal data based on the legal interest of OTE and COSMOTE.
OTE and COSMOTE may treat your personal information based on our legitimate interests, always considering your corresponding consumer rights and interests. These specific types of processing, based on our legal interest, are conducted after carefully balancing our legal interests and the need to protect your personal data and are limited to the expected processing type compatible with our trading relationship. These types of processing are:
  1. For the direct promotion of our products and services OTE and COSMOTE may process a limited range of your personal data, and in particular any data existing in your contract (name, connection number, etc.), types of services and / or . OTE and COSMOTE enabled devices, aggregated usage and billing information for each service and / or requests you have made to us. This processing is limited and is intended solely for the purpose of submitting proposals and offers relating to services and products tailored to your specific needs. This process is not related to profiling we request your consent to and can be found here.
  2. In addition, processing of your personal data may be performed by both OTE and COSMOTE for the purpose of market analysis or evaluation of specific products or services. These inquiries are usually in the form of a questionnaire and can be sent to you by email, SMS via an IVR system or via telephone calls. They can also be carried out on our behalf by other research companies. Although your participation in these surveys is extremely important to us, as your answers help us improve our products and services, you still have the right to object to the communications conducted in the ways described here.
  3. In addition, we may process your personal data in order to ensure the security of our network and IT systems or to prevent telecommunication fraud. In this context, we may process your personal data to prevent unauthorized access to our network and to stop 'denial of service' attacks and other damage to information IT and electronic communications systems or even to protect our subscribers and to prevent or detect telecommunications fraud and prevent excessive or unusual use of our services.
  4. As part of their gradual operational integration, OTE and COSMOTE have mutually processed their subscribers' personal data archives in order to provide the best possible, unifiedservice. This means that OTE and COSMOTE, individually or collectively, determine the purpose and means of the processing of your personal data confided to us. The purpose of this processing is to enable our Customer Service to provide a unified service to the fixed and mobile subscriber, and to offer tariff plans that perfectly match your telecommunication needs.
  5. Both OTE and COSMOTE retain the right to perform pre-contractual credit assessment of prospective clients. For this assessment we automatically process information that we already have in our information systems if you have previously been an OTE or COSMOTE subscriber, or information we obtain from the financial behavior data file of TELEGNOUS IKE (more on TELEGNOUS see below) in case you have never been a subscriber. In the first case we process information such as the prospective customers’ personal information (such as name, date of birth, VAT), as well as information about our previous contractual relationship provided they have not been deleted (such as contract duration, grant amount, average accounts, and payment history). This automated processing of your personal data during the pre-contractual stage is carried out out to safeguard our legal business interests, prevent telecommunication fraud and safeguard the interests of our prospective customers. The prospective subscriber may declare to the employee serving him that he does not wish for the automated processing of his personal data for the above purposes. In this case, the audit will be carried out at a later stage with a different procedure. In the event that a credit check is not feasible based on the data available on OTE and COSMOTE systems (eg. because this particular subscriber has never been an OTE / COSMOTE subscriber), OTE and COSMOTE perform a pre-contractual credit control using the database containing data relating to the economic behavior of customers of mobile communications created by the mobile telephony companies and operated by TELEGNOUS IKE. More information on TELEGNOUS, its mode of operation and how to access your file, is provided below.

    In case you have outstanding debts due to mobile usage with us, COSMOTE SA reserves the right to disclose your personal data to the company named "TELEGNOUS – TELECOMMUNICATIONS SOLVENCY ASSESSMENT AGENCY Private Company"" (Data Controller) with the distinctive title TELEGNOUS IKE.

    This company has been established by all the mobile electronic communications companies currently operating in the Greek market and maintains a record of customer behavior inconsistencies in order to perform effective pre-contractual credit assessment and clear the transactions in the mobile telephony sector.

    TELEGNOUS has been approved by the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA), as per its positive Opinion No 1/2015. Further details regarding the conditions of the legal operations of TELEGNOUS are included in the Decision No. 28/2017 of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA).
    Thus, COSMOTE may transfer the personal data of its subscriber to TELEGNOUS if:
    1. the subscriber has a due arrears for more than ninety (90) days and for an amount equal to or greater than € 200,
    2. the subscriber's connection has been disconnected from the COSMOTE network or transferred to another via a number portability procedure, without the subscriber having settled their accounts.
    The personal data that "COSMOTE" may transfer to TELEGNOUS is the VAT number, National ID number or Passport ID number, the subscriber's first and last name, as well as an indication of whether the Subscriber belongs to categories a or b.
    The purpose of this processing of data by TELEGNOUS is to assess the credit risk involved in contracting with mobile telephony subscribers in order to avoid further financial burden on mobile telephony providers.
    The information that COSMOTE derives from the TELEGNOUS database will in no way be used to exclude the consumer from telecommunications services or portability.
    Instead, they are used as a supplemental consulting tool in the process of contracting with prospective subscribers to help you choose the right telecommunications product that best suits your personal needs and financial capabilities.
    Obviously, every subscriber retains access and objection rights (including correction) in relation to the processing of his personal data by TELEGNOUS. For this purpose you can address your request to Cosmote in the ways described here or to the company TELEGNOUS (56 Kifissias & Delphi Avenue, Marousi, 15125).
    More information on TELEGNOUS and its operation can be found at
  6. Under applicable law and in case of overdue debt, we reserve the right to transfer your personal data to cooperating debt collection companies in accordance with the provisions of Law 3758/2009 or any currently applicable law, in order to inform you of the existence of overdue debts and to negotiate the time, manner and other terms of repayment, on our behalf. To this end, we cooperate with the companies E-VALUE INFORMATION debtors LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, PALADINO Management SA TRADE RECEIVABLES AND SERVICE CUSTOMER SERVICE, FIRST CALL SA UPDATE debtors FOR LIXIPROTHESMES REQUIREMENTS, EOS MATRIX (EOS Matrix) SA UPDATE debtors FOR LATE REQUIREMENTS AND CYCLE CIRCUIT REPORTING COMPANY FOR LATE REQUIREMENTS, where we reserve the right to modify this list, by posting the updated list in this Policy. If you do not wish to transfer your data, then you may submit an objections’ application.
    Moreover, we reserve the right to transfer your personal information to cooperating law firms in order to settle claims or settle disputes between us. Lawyers and / or offices may, cooperating with us and within their mandate, seek an amicable settlement of the dispute between us prior to any possible recourse to the courts by calling the contact phone number, we provide them.
  7. Following the expiration of our contract for any reason and the settlement of any outstanding dispute (eg overdue accounts) and following the expiration of the period that your personal data can be stored according to the applicable regulatory framework, OTE and COSMOTE retain the number of your connection (fixed or mobile) without any other information about you in order to identify you as our former customer in case of any future communication aimed for you to return to our network.
These specific types of processing based on our legal interest are of particular importance to us and the development of our products and services, but also to your own protection and your interest as a consumer. Nevertheless, you may at any time object to this category of processing.
For ways of exercising the right of opposition please see here.
We process your personal data in order to comply with our legal obligations.
OTE and COSMOTE may transfer your personal data to the police or prosecutors or supervisory authorities, after we have received a legal request to comply under applicable law.
We process your personal data for the purposes of safeguarding your own interests or those of other individuals
when we provide competent emergency services, caller location information, etc.
We process your data during your transactions in our stores.
When you visit our branch network and make purchases, we process your data for the issuance of the corresponding payment documents (receipt or invoice), such as name, address, VAT number / passport number, etc.

Moreover, depending on the services you request when you visit a store in our network, such as providing technical support services, providing device warranty service, we may retain your data to provide you with the relevant services. Also, when you visit our stores, we collect CCTV data for security reasons and to prevent infringements.
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