With COSMOKAPTA you can satisfy your needs for communication, easily and simply!

Gain piece of mind with the automatic pack
Talk and surf carefree with the COSMOKAPTA COMBO pack, that offering 300' to all networks, 300’ to COSMOTE mobile destinations, 400MB & 200SMS to all, only for 10€ for 1 month. This pack is automatically activated every time the talk time of your pack runs out!
Contact your beloved ones
Activate the service Beloved People in order to talk affordably with 2 COSMOTE mobile numbers of your choice, only for 0.02€/minute. In order to activate the service and select the numbers call 1330 free of charge with one-off activation fee of 5.04€.
My COSMOTE app: one application for everything
Download My COSMOTE app and learn your balance, your available talk time, SMS and MB and activate the desirable packs and services with just one click!
Download the application here.

With COSMOTE One you enjoy free communication with all COSMOTE mobile & landline connections of the family, as well as an extra gift of 1GB every month
More specifically you enjoy
  • 1,000 in order to talk to all other COSMOTE One mobiles and landlines, even with without available balance
  • 1GB for 7 days, every month, whenever you want!
The COSMOTE One 1GB privilege for 7 days, is automatically activated for the first time after the incorporation of the prepaid connection in COSMOTE One is completed. For each following month you can activate it whenever you want, through My COSMOTE App
or My COSMOTE Web.
Real-time Control of your MB
With the exclusive service COSMOTE My Internet, you can monitor the consumption of your MB, get updated when they run out and decide with which pack you will continue, without being charged with anything unless you select one.
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Travelling in Europe & carefree communication
Communicate in Europe as if you were in Greece, consuming your free talk time, the available MB and SMS of your plan without any extra charge!
An amazing mobile internet experience with 4G COSMOTE
Enjoy the No1 in population coverage 4G & 4G+ network with amazing speeds up to 500 Mbps.
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