International Voice Packs

Voice bundles to International Destinations!

Talk to your loved ones who live abroad only with 5€!

  Free minutes Free ΜΒ Cost Duration Activation text for charging on balance Activation text for charging on monthly bill
150’ to European Union Destinations 150 - 5,00€ 31 Days EU EUX or EUMONTH for automatic monthly activation
To Albania & Italy 40 - 5,00€ 31 Days ΑΛ or AL ΑΛΧ or ALΧ
To International destinations 60 - 5,00€ 31 Days I60 I60X

TThe countries that the pack’s free usage applies are E.U. , USA, Australia, Canada, Russia, Georgia.

To activate the voice bundle to international destinations that you want, call free of charge 1330 or 1314. If you prefer to activate it via SMS, text free of charge to 1330, the desired keyword you will find in the table above.

  • The free minutes can be consumed only for calls from Greece to international destinations
  • The free minutes of the bundle “To Albania& Italy” are consumed per second, with a minimum consumption of 3 minutes. On the other hand, the free minutes of the other bundles are consumed per second, with a minimum consumption of 60 seconds
  • If you select the bundles to be charged on your next bill, you can activate up to 3 bundles from each bundle, per month
  • You can check the remaining balance of your free minutes to international destinations by calling 1314. Alternatively, you can receive detailed balance info per active international bundle by texting ‘YP’ to 1314.
  • The prefixes with are excluded from the international destinations are: Albania: +3554249, +3554250, +3554251, +3554252, Australia: +611451,+ 611452,+ 611453, +611454, +611471, Austria: +43810, +43820, +43711, +43730, +43740, Belgium: +3245, +3246, Cyprus  +35712, +357700, +35777, France: +338, Germany: +49115, Italy: +393 και +39313, +39350 & +39381, Norway: +4702, +4703,+ 4704, +4705, +4706, +4707, +4708, +4709, +471,+ 47810, +47811, +47812, +47813, +47814, +47815, +4785, +47880, The Netherlands: +31660, Poland: +4811, +487280, +48728, Russia: +79 and Slovenia: +38643, +38649, +3864004, Spain: +3470, +34902, +34904,  U.S.A and Canada: +1250, +1867. United Kingdom Mobile NGN 70, France Mobile Globalstar, France VAS, Belgium Mobile Others, Belgium Mobile Medialaan, Poland Directory Service, Slovenia Mobile IPKO Net, Monaco Mobile KFOR, Estonia Mobile Others, Estonia Special Services, Latvia Mobile ECO, Latvia Special Services 2, Estonia Fixed Top Connect, Czech Republic Special Services, Lithuania Special Services, Latvia Special Services, Lithuania Special Services 2
For the United Kingdom the following destinations apply for the packs that include it:

United Kingdom Mobile Hutchinson 3G
United Kingdom Mobile Lycamobile
United Kingdom Mobile O2
United Kingdom Mobile Orange
United Kingdom Mobile T-Mobile
United Kingdom Mobile Vodafone
And all U.K. fixed lines except the following destinations
Prices include 24% VAT.
Also, for purchases charged in the monthly bill, prepaid Telephony Subscriber’s Fee 10% is imposed. For more information click here.

Bundles are provided by COSMOTE S.A.