Voice Packs

Voice bundles for COSMOTE Mobile Cost Control rate plans!

Weekly and Weekend voice bundles

Now you won’t stop chatting it up, even if you have consumed all the free minutes of your rate plan!

Super Offer! Weekly voice bundle becomes monthly offering 500’ for the same price.

  Free minutes to other networks Activation Cost Validity Period Activation text for charging on balance Activation text for charging on monthly bill
Weekly bundle 150 500 4,00€ 7 31 Days EB EBX
Weekend bundle 150 2,00€ 1 weekend SK SKX
  • The bundles are not available at the new program COSMOTE Cost Control Unlimited Calls
  • The bundles’ free minutes can be consumed for calls and video-calls towards all national destinations, except from short codes of all networks. Also, the free minutes are not applicable whilst roaming
  • The minimum consumption is 1 minute and then the free minutes are consumed per second
  • You can activate the Weekend bundle between Mondays and Sundays (until 20:00 p.m),. The free minutes can be consumed during weekend, specifically, from Saturday 00:00:01 a.m. until Sunday 23:59:59 p.m.
  • You can charge the activation cost on your balance or on your next monthly bill, on top of your rate plan’s monthly fee. Note that you can activate up to 3 Weekly bundles and up to 3 Weekend bundles per calendar month, while charging them on your monthly bill
  • You can always get detailed information for your balance, by calling 1314 or texting to 1314 ‘YP’.
To activate the voice bundle you want, call free of charge 1330 or 1314. If you prefer to activate it via SMS, text free of charge to 1330 the appropriate keyword you will find in the table aboveBoth Voice bundles are available for activation only to subscribers of the “COSMOTE Mobile Cost Control with Free Talk Time”, “COSMOTE Mobile Cost control Student” and "COSMOTE Mobile Cost Control To All" rate plans (not available to the plain COSMOTE Cost Control rate plans)

Prices include VAT 24% and the Mobile Telephony Subscribers Fee 10%.
The Mobile Fee is set to zero per cent (0%) for individuals aged fifteen (15) to twenty-nine (29) years of age. For the Zero Rate to take effect, beneficiaries are required to register to the dedicated application, which is accessible via the single digital public administration gateway (gov.gr-SDG).

Bundles are provided by COSMOTE S.A.