COSMOTE breaks the rules in mobile Internet, with the new GIGA NOW packages. Now, it's no longer counting MB, since you've got so much GIGA at the moment you want it: in the day, the week, or the month.

For you who want a lot of GIGA and want them NOW!

Pack Price GB Duration
GIGA NOW Month 2GB 9,90 € 2 1 month
GIGA NOW Month 3GB 14,90 € 3 1 month

How can you get the GIGA NOW packages?
  • From My Internet at 
  • From My COSMOTE or My COSMOTE app 
  • By sending SMS to 1256 using the word: 
  • 2GB for the GIGA NOW Month 2GB package
What you need to know about GIGA NOW packages
  • GIGA NOW Data Packs are only for use within Greece
  • The GBs of the "GIGA NOW Summer" are shared on additional devices (sharing)
  • The GBs of the "GIGA NOW Week" cannot be shared on additional devices
  • The GBs of COSMOTE GIGA NOW Data Packs are consumed first and then consumed any additional Data Packs and the free bundle of the tariff plan
  • The purchase of the second GIGA NOW Data Pack can only be made since the first one is consumed or expired
Prices include VAT 24%. The Mobile Telephony Subscriber’s Fee is not applied to Cosmote Mobile Internet connections.