Who will process your personal data
Apart from us, your personal data may also be processed by our business partners or third parties. However, we, OTE and COSMOTE, remain solely responsible for the security of your personal data, taking all necessary measures:
  • Our business partners are always selected based on the high technological and organizational level of security they offer.
  • Before cooperating with any company, especially if our cooperation involves the processing of your personal data, we contractually commit them to ensuring a high level of protection of your personal data.
We process your data mainly within Greece and the European Union (EU). If we cooperate with companies outside the EU, they will only process your data following our request and provided they possess a European Commission's competence decision or if appropriate clauses ensuring a high level of security with regard to processing your personal data exist.

We, OTE and COSMOTE, work mainly with companies active in advertising and marketing, market research, IT, consulting, customer service and call center printing, mobile and fixed telephony fee billing and human resource management (HR) services.

Other recipients of your data, in order to promote, support and serve our business relationship, may be OTE's and COSMOTE's trading partners, which mediate the conclusion of the Agreement, the Financial Institutions through which the accounts of each Partner are paid as well as other telecommunications providers in the context of OTE and COSMOTE's interconnection with them for the provision of electronic communications services, for the purpose of billing or troubleshooting.
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