COSMOTE Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet


Now even more inaccessible areas will get fast Internet!

Enjoy fast Internet up to 22Mbps, despite of the location of your house!

The time has come for you to have fast Internet with speed up to 22Mbps, even if your house is located at an inaccessible and remote area or at a part of the country where there is no network for fixed Internet. 

Now with a new COSMOTE Satellite internet connection, free of charge the equipment, value of 352.85€.

Τhe offer is valid for a limited time

Choose the COSMOTE Satellite Internet that fits your needs best!

Add to any programme, Static IP for 8.90/ month.

In addition by purchasing the COSMOTE Satellite Internet 22 you get for FREE the TP-Link wireless router in order to enjoy your Internet surfing anywhere in your home.

Combine it with COMΟΤΕ TV.
Now you can combine COSMOTE Satellite Internet with COSMOTE TV Via Satellite in the same antenna.

Get your very own COSMOTE Satellite Internet in a COSMOTE or GERMANOS store.

See here the detailed information regarding the features of the programs.