With the COSMOTE ONE everyone at home wins every month!
Now, if you have one COSMOTE mobile plan and one COSMOTE landline plan,
you can create COSMOTE One and win unique communication gifts every month.
Moreover, if there are more COSMOTE mobile connections in your house, they too can
join COSMOTE One and each one of them will enjoy its own gift, every month!
Mobile (up to 5)
Landline (up to 2)
To all mobiles/landlines
up to 400’
to all
up to 10 GB
Communication gifts in COSMOTE One
  • All family mobiles get 1.000’ talk time
    every month
    to all mobiles and landlines of COSMOTE ONE.
  • The contracts of the plan get additionally up to 5 GB or up to 200’
    to all
    , with the option to change their gift every month.
  • COSMOTE Mobile Family get additionally up to 10 GB or up to 400’ to all, with the option to change their gift every month.
  • Children can call parents out even without credits.

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Now you create and manage COSMOTE One easily!
• You can manage it even more easily. Because, for the first time, you can activate it, monitor it and manage it via My COSMOTE app.
Every home can get COSMOTE One!
Even with 1 prepaid and 1 standard landline plan
you can create COSMOTE One.
Mobile Plan
Landline Plan
How do you activate COSMOTE One?
Easily and fast in any of the 3 manners you prefer!
Via cosmote.gr
In a COSMOTE shop
Via a call at 13888
How do I activate COSMOTE One?
COSMOTE One is activated with at least 1 mobile connection + 1 landline connection..
What benefits does COSMOTE One offer?
COSMOTE One offers new benefits in MB and talk time
In detail:
  • For individual plans & COSMOTE Mobile Family S with COSMOTE One
    • Up to 2GB
    • Up to 200 talk time for national calls
  • Whereas for COSMOTE Mobile Family Μ & L plans
    • Up to 5GB
    • Up to 400 talk time for national calls
Prepaid connections that participate in COSMOTE One will receive, every month, 1000’ for intercommunication. They cannot, however, activate any additional benefit (ΜΒ or talk time).
Is there a discount benefit in COSMOTE One?
Yes, there is.
In the event of a new activation in mobile -Contract or Cost Control-, instead of the talk time or MB, the benefit of 10% discount on the mobile fee is offered..
Are the 1000΄ intercommunication of COSMOTE One still offered?
Yes, they are still offered.
In particular, every mobile (Contract/ Cost Control/ Prepaid) and landline connection that participates in COSMOTE One receives every month for free 1000’ for calls to the other members of COSMOTE One.
  • Each connection has its own individual bundle of 1000’ talk time.
  • If a COSMOTE Mobile Family plan is included in COSMOTE One, every member of the Family plan (leader line or member) has its own individual bundle of 1000’.
What are the combinations of mobile-landline that can activate COSMOTE One and which plans participate?
The combinations that can activate a new COSMOTE One are:
  • Contract + Landline (Single Play, DP, COSMOTE Mobile Home Zone)
  • Cost Control + Landline
  • Prepaid + Landline
The mobile plans that participate in COSMOTE One are:
Contracts & Cost Control with fixed fee from 20€ and What’s Up, COSMOΚΑΡΤΑ & Frog Prepaid.
The landline plans that participate in COSMOTE One are:
Home Telephony, DP, COSMOTE At Home, COSMOTE Home Telephony SIM and COSMOTE Home Double Play SIM.
Can all mobile contract members who participate in COSMOTE One select a benefit?
Yes, each mobile contract connection that participates in COSMOTE One can select its own individual benefit, between ΜΒ and Talk Time.
How often can the selected benefit change?
The selected benefit can change every 30 days, via My COSMOTE Web, App, via a call at 13888 and at a shop.
How many members can be activated in COSMOTE One?
In COSMOTE One can participate:
  • Up to 5 mobile connections (Contract, Cost Control & Prepaid)
  • Up to 2 landline connections
Does the Prepaid that participates in COSMOTE One always have automatic monthly top up of 10€?
The Prepaid can participate in COSMOTE One in 2 ways:
  • Automatic top up of 10€
  • Without automatic top up (0€)
The Prepaid can have automatic top up of 10€ only if a mobile contract is active in COSMOTE One.
If I have activated COSMOTE One with one Prepaid and one Landline, can I add more members? If yes, what benefits will the added members receive?
Yes, you can.
You can add as members Contract, Cost Control or Prepaid connections. Each contract connection can select its benefit depending on the combination of mobile-landline.