COSMOTE Home Speed Booster

Enjoy even faster Internet at home,
with the support of the 4G network of COSMOTE!
With the exclusive and innovative service COSMOTE Home Speed Booster you can combine your landline and mobile speeds. Therefore, you can enjoy the highest Internet speed you can have at your home.

If the Internet speed at your home cannot exceed 24Mbps you can increase it up to +60Mbps via the COSMOTE 4G network.
Now only for 6,80€/month!

How it works

  • Thanks to the pioneering Hybrid Access, technology, the advanced wireless Router of the service activates your mobile connection, thus boosting the total speed at home up to +60Mbps, when the bandwidth of your landline has reached its speed limit.
  • All you need is a subscription to a COSMOTE Double Play 24/30/50 plan, sufficient 3G/4G COSMOTE signal at your home and the wireless Router you get when you purchase the service.

Additional benefit

  • Via the Hybrid Access technology that combines landline and mobile speeds, even if there is a fault at your landline connection you can continue being online!
*The price includes 24% VAT, not subject to Fixed and Mobile Telephony Subscription Fee and refers to 24 month subscriptions
How does the Hybrid Access technology work?

Thanks to the pioneering Hybrid Access technology of the wireless Router that comes with the service, the available speeds of COSMOTE landline and mobile networks are combined. Specifically, in relation to Landline, the hardware uses the landline connection whereas connection to Mobile is facilitated via a SIM card that is installed in the hardware. The SIM card corresponds to the COSMOTE Mobile Internet plan for Speed Booster, a plan that offers the option for additional speed and the consumption of the included mobile data.

What are the highest speeds I can reach via COSMOTE Home Speed Booster?

COSMOTE Home Speed Booster boosts the speed of your landline connection up to +60Mbps via COSMOTE 4G. Therefore, Internet access speeds can reach up to 100Mbps if COSMOTE Home Speed Booster is combined with a VDSL connection of 50Mbps and your home has 4G coverage.

How can I check the availability of COSMOTE Home Speed Booster at my house?

The operation of COSMOTE Home Speed Booster requires COSMOTE 4G or 3G network coverage. If you have a mobile phone that supports 3G/4G coverage, you can check signal strength at the place where the router will be positioned.

Is there a data consumption limit in COSMOTE Home Speed Booster?

100GB / month of mobile data are provided for consumption by COSMOTE Home Speed Booster! With the exhaustion of 100GB / month your mobile speed is reduced at 15Mbps downlink, maximum.

How will I be notified in case I have consumed the available GB?

When your consumption reaches 80% of the available GB, you will receive an SMS on the contact number you provided in the application. Respectively, when your consumption reaches 100%, you will receive a new SMS with the available options.

What will happen if I consume the available GB of COSMOTE Home Speed Booster?

The mobile speed is reduced at 15Mbps downlink, maximum.

Is the service available throughout Greece?

Yes! The 4G/3G network of COSMOTE covers almost the entire Greece. Specifically, the population coverage of COSMOTE 4G exceeds 92% in Greece!

Will I need to change hardware?

Yes. COSMOTE Home Speed Booster comes with special xDSL hardware (provided on loan) that uses Hybrid Access technology in order to combine landline and mobile networks. It operates via ADSL or VDSL connection for landline Internet and it has a built-in slot for a SIM card with mobile Internet connection.

Can I use the SIM card of COSMOTE Home Speed Booster in another device (f.i. tablet)?

No. The SIM card of COSMOTE Home Speed Booster operates only with the specific type of hardware (Hybrid Access router).

Can I move the Hybrid Access router to a location outside my house?

No. The SIM card of COSMOTE Home Speed Booster inserted in the Hybrid Access router operates only in the area (home zone) you specified in your application for service provision.

How can I get COSMOTE Home Speed Booster?
  • Online at
  • by calling 13888
  • at a COSMOTE, GERMANOS shop
Do I need to have a COSMOTE mobile connection in order to get the service?

No! A necessary prerequisite is to be a subscriber at a COSMOTE Home Double Play plan of 24 Mbps or 30 Mbps or 50 Mbps speed.

Is COSMOTE Home Speed Booster compatible with the plans COSMOTE Business Double Play?

Yes. Only connections with static IP are excluded because they are not supported.

Where can I find the installation instructions for the Wireless Hybrid Access Router?

Apart from the packaging of the router, you can find the installation instructions at the webpage

What should I do if the hardware is not working properly?

You need to call us at 13888 (Technical Support) so that we can verify the fault and arrange for you to collect your new hardware, either from a COSMOTE, GERMANOS shop or via courier at your home. You will need to remove and keep the SIM card that is inserted in the special slot of your router in order to insert it into the new hardware that you will receive.

If there is a fault at my landline will I still be able to connect to the Internet?

Yes, your will continue to have Internet access via the mobile network of COSMOTE.

What kind of bill will I receive?

If you wish, you can receive one envelope containing two separate bills, one for your landline and one for mobile Internet.


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