For you who need your home WiFi even when outdoors!
Wouldn’t it be nice to stay connected to the WiFi wherever you are? Now, there’s no obstacle between you and surfing on the Internet via WiFi, as your home WiFi follows you everywhere!

In collaboration with Fon, the biggest WiFi network in the world, we brought to Greece the pioneering service COSMOTE WiFi, exclusively for the subscribers to COSMOTE Home Double Play.
Free WiFi at 500,000 spots across Greece and more than 23 million all over the world
Are you out of home but want to check your email, see your timeline and talk with your friends on your mobile, tablet or laptop? You can do it all without worrying and as long as you want, with free, unlimited WiFi, as if you were home.
Safety like at home
You can surf with absolute safety, since every COSMOTE WiFi user has a distinct connection, contrary to most free WiFi networks.
No interruptions and delays
With the limit of maximum 2 users being connected each time, you enjoy high quality connection for unlimited Internet without network overloads.
Automatic connection
You get automatically connected to the Internet every time you are near an available WiFi network, without having to ask for or try to guess passwords.
What’s the idea?
Everyone who activates the COSMOTE WiFi service participates in the creation and expansion of a network made by users for users.
How does that work?
When you activate the service, your router turns into a WiFi spot, where the members of the community can connect for free, when they are near. You can do the same thing when you are close to an equivalent spot.
Can I safely share my home’s WiFi?
Your connection is totally secure as it splits between two networks; a private and a public one, separated by a firewall for your safety.
And what about my speed?
You don’t have to worry about your Internet connection’s speed at home. The part you share does not affect your own Internet browsing. The maximum number of connected visitors per WiFi spot is just 2 community members.


Are you a COSMOTE Home Double Play subscriber?
  • 1. Enter and login to MyAccount (free registration at is required)
  • 2. Activate COSMOTE WiFi through the tab “My Internet”.
  • 3. Within 24 hours, the activation of the service will have been completed.
Do you have COSMOTE Home Double Play?
Activate COSMOTE WiFi
You don’t have COSMOTE Home Double Play?
Get your own!
Via app
The easiest way to use the service is to download the app on your smartphone and tablet.

The app recognizes automatically the WiFi spot within your device’s range and connects you automatically. You can also save your favorite WiFi spots and receive notifications when you are connected to a WiFi spot.
The first time, you will need to follow the following steps:
1. Enter Google Play or App Store and download for free the COSMOTE Fon application.
2. Fill in the corresponding fields the username and password of your COSMOTE Home Double Play connection.

You will only have to do this the first time that you use the App. From that point on, you will get connected automatically to the WiFi spot within your device’s range!
Without app
You can use the service, for instance on your laptop, via browser:
1. Look for the wireless network (SSID) “COSMOTE WiFi Fon” on your mobile device and select it.
2.Open the browser that you use to surf on the internet.
3. Fill in the corresponding fields the username and password of your COSMOTE Home Double Play connection. You will only have to do this the first time that you use the browser.
See here the spots where the members of the COSMOTE WiFi community can have free Internet access!
Do you want to learn more? Find all the answers here.
What is Fon?

To provide you with COSMOTE WiFi, we collaborate with Fon, a company working together with the major telecommunication providers of each country, creating thus the largest WiFi community in the world, with millions of WiFi spots. Fon makes it easy for its members to share their Internet connection, in order to have access to the network formed. Its mission is to cover the world with WiFi connections so that, in collaboration with the major telecommunication companies worldwide, we can all get easily connected to the Internet for free.

How does COSMOTE WiFi work?

Each COSMOTE Home Double Play subscriber who activates the service COSMOTE WiFi turns his/her router into a WiFi spot, offering to the members of the Fon community the possibility to get connected to the Internet for free, when they are within the router’s range. The customer of COSMOTE Home Double Play gets automatically free access to equivalent spots created by other members of the community. This way, an extended network of WiFi spots is created by the customers of COSMOTE Home Double Play to be used by them.

Once I activate it, do I need to fill in my credentials each time?

You only must fill in your username and password the first time that you get connected to the free COSMOTE WiFi Fon network via a specific device. From then on, you will get connected automatically, as with all the WiFi networks saved in our mobile devices.

Why should I download the application?

The free application, available for Android and iOS devices, offers you the possibility to:
- Get automatically connected to a WiFi spot
- Test the speed of your connection
- Save your favorite WiFi spots so find them even when you are offline
- Receive a notification when you are connected to a WiFi spot
- Have access to a practical map of the WiFi spots so that you can locate them and get connected in the easiest way

Is it secure?

Absolutely! The service has been designed and created in such a way as to ensure your connection’s integrity and security from malevolent visitors. Specifically, your home’s private/local network is completely distinct/different from the public wireless network (COSMOTE MyWiFi Fon) available for public use. Each visitor of the spot gets a different public IP address. Therefore, the visitors of the WiFi spot cannot have direct access to the local network, restricted to your personal use.

Is my connection’s speed affected since I am sharing part of it?

No, as you are not “losing” forever the part of the connection you are sharing. The only case in which you might experience a slower downlink speed is when 2 visitors are simultaneously connected and are executing demanding tasks (i.e. file downloading, video streaming). In this case, the maximum possible downlink speed that each visitor can have at given times is 1 Mbps, while the maximum number of visitors/users simultaneously connected to a WiFi spot is 2.

Is extra equipment necessary?

No. All you need is the compatible equipment (router) we provide with each COSMOTE Home Double Play connection.

Is my router compatible?

We provide the following routers which are compatible COSMOTE WiFi:
ZTE H108NS (for ADSL connections)
ZTE 931VII (for VDSL connections)
Speedport W724 (for VDSL connections)
Speedport Entry 2i (for ADSL/VDSL connections)

I don’t have the compatible equipment. What should I do?

Visit one of our COSMOTE or GERMANOS stores or call free of charge at 13888 from a landline and submit a request of equipment (router) replacement due to COSMOTE WiFi. At the same time, ask us to activate COSMOTE WiFi.

Is the activation immediate?

The activation request is executed within 24 hours. Then – as long as you have your router connected –, a second wireless network (SSID) named COSMOTE WiFi Fon starts operating and you automatically gain free access to the WiFi spots of the community in Greece and abroad.

Which are the obligations of the WiFi community’s members?

To have access to other WiFi spots, your router must remain in operation, so that the part of the network available for this use is accessible to other users of the service.

Which other countries have WiFi spots of the Fon network?

Besides Greece, Fon operates in the following countries, in collaboration with the corresponding telecommunication companies:

Αustralia (Telstra)
Βelgium (Proximus)
Βrazil (Oi)
France (SFR)
Germany (DΤ)
Great Britain (BT)
Italy (Vodafone)
Spain (Vodafone)
Netherlands (KPN)
Hungary (MT)
Poland (Netia)
Portugal (NOS)
Romania (Telekom Romania)
Russia (MTC)
Japan (SoftBank)
South Africa (MWEB)
South Korea (KT)

Our customers who are active members (i.e. they share via the COSMOTE WiFi service part of their connection) have the possibility to get connected for free to any WiFi spot of the Fon network in the above countries. For more and regularly updated information about the countries of the Fon network, visit the Fon webpage.

If my router is turned off, can I get connected to the WiFi spots of the community?

After 30 consecutive days of turned off router or turned off WiFi interface, you cannot be connected to other spots. As soon as you reconnect/reactivate your router, you recover automatically your right to be connected to the spots. However, in order to contribute to the community, we suggest that you always have your router on.

I forgot my username and password. What should I do?

You can enter, login at “My Account” for your landline, and find your username or change your password. Alternatively, you can call free of charge at 13888 from a landline (by selecting Technical Support/Internet) and ask for your username and a new password to be sent with an SMS.

Can I get connected to more than one devices?

Yes, but only up to two devices can be simultaneously connected under the same username and password.

Whom do I contact for technical support for the service?

Call free of charge at 13888 from your landline (by selecting Technical Support/Internet).

I am not a COSMOTE landline customer.

Enter, call at 13888 or visit one of our COSMOTE or GERMANOS stores, and we will transfer your landline to our network and activate the COSMOTE Home Double Play plan that suits you, so that you can surf for free outdoors as well via COSMOTE WiFi.
For a new landline, there is a one-off activation charge of €36,38.