The way to get free WiFi has changed!
1.000.000 free WiFi spots automatically on your mobile
the largest WiFi network in Greece.
Security & Reliability
You are safe because the enhanced security standards hide your identity from potential hackers. You enjoy high-speed internet without interruptions and delays, as you might have experienced when connected to public WiFi.
Ease of use
Whenever you are close to an available COSMOTE WiFi spot, you are automatically connected, without looking for passwords or access data.
Discover access points
in Greece and around the world!
How does
network work?
COSMOTE WiFi works by converting the routers of COSMOTE Double Play subscribers into WiFi spots. Thus, COSMOTE Double Play subscribers are involved in creating and expanding a user-made network for users, enabling community members to connect to the Internet for free when within the broadcast range.
What is the COSMOTE Best Connect app?

With the COSMOTE Best Connect app you automatically have WiFi on your mobile... no action required by you!

The app automatically connects you to the COSMOTE WiFi network or selects the best Internet connection between the COSMOTE mobile network and the COSMOTE WiFi network!

What is the COSMOTE WiFi network?
COSMOTE WiFi is the largest WiFi network in Greece with 1 million points! To provide COSMOTE WiFi we work with Fon. Fon has created the world's largest WiFi community with over 23 million points through the Internet connections sharing model to the largest telecommunications providers in the world. In Greece the participating WiFi connections appear under the name 'COSMOTE WiFi Fon'. These are the COSMOTE Double Play fixed telephony connections with COSMOTE WiFi enabled.
What are the requirements for using the COSMOTE Best Connect app?

To use the COSMOTE Best Connect app you will need:

  • a smartphone or tablet running Android 5.0 or higher or iOS 11 or higher,

  • Your device to be equipped with a COSMOTE active SIM card with mobile data. Will not work on WiFi only devices or with other providers' connections.

To get free access to the COSMOTE WiFi network via the Best Connect app, you also need to have a fixed COSMOTE (Double Play) broadband telephony connection in your name (that is, the two connections on your TIN). Alternatively, your COSMOTE mobile telephony connection should be part of a COSMOTE One program which includes also a fixed COSMOTE (Double Play) broadband telephony connection.

If you only have a mobile connection (with no fixed connection) then you can use the application but without access in COSMOTE WiFi network.

Do I need to activate the app?

After you have installed the application, open it to start activation (first time setup). You will need to have the mobile data open during activation of application.

If you are connected to the mobile (3G/4G) network, the application automatically recognizes your COSMOTE fixed and mobile connection and proceeds with activation.

If you are connected to a WiFi network, then you can either a) enter your mobile number to get a confirmation code to continue, or b) use your My COSMOTE account username and password ('Sign In with passwords' option).

Once you complete activation (first time setup), the application will then automatically run in the background (i.e. with no requirement to be open).

On ios devices, once activation of the application is complete, you will need to manually log in to a COSMOTE WiFi point only once for your device to be "trained" so that in the future to connect automatically to that network. Specifically, you will need to find and tap on the 'COSMOTE WiFi Fon' network through Settings -> WiFi. Then the app will automatically connect to you!

What are connection profiles of the COSMOTE Best Connect app?

You can choose one of the two connection profiles of the application:

  • οptimal speed:

In this profile, the application constantly selects the best possible connection between the COSMOTE mobile network and the COSMOTE WiFi network.

  • WiFi choice:

In this profile, the application automatically connects you to the COSMOTE WiFi network when available and has sufficient connection speed.

So if I choose the "Optimal Speed" profile, do I always have the fastest connection on my device?

In this connection profile, the app constantly compares the speed of the COSMOTE mobile connection and the speed of the COSMOTE WiFi connections available at your location, and connects you to the fastest network!

The app cannot analyze and compare the WiFi networks you have selected through your device's settings (such as your home WiFi) as these are always prioritized.

If I select the "WiFi choice" profile, does it always connect me to the COSMOTE WiFi network?

In this connection profile, the app automatically and always connects you to COSMOTE WiFi when available and has sufficient Internet access speed.

The WiFi networks you have selected through your device's settings (e.g. your home WiFi) always take precedence over the COSMOTE WiFi network.

How does the application know what is the fastest connection at any time?
For the application to compare the available networks and connect you to the faster, it performs small speed background checks that do not consume your program's mobile data and do not affect your device's performance and battery life.
Do I need to have COSMOTE WiFi enabled on a fixed connection?
No, it is not required. However, we recommend that for the best experience of the users of the COSMOTE Best Connect app, the service should be active on your home router. Remember that COSMOTE WiFi service on your router does not minimize the speed by which you navigate through the Internet with a fixed connection, because activity from the owner's line is always absolutely prioritized.
Is the app free to use?
Yes! There is no charge for using the app!
How many devices can I install COSMOTE Best Connect on?
You can install it on as many devices as you want given that they meet the requirements (see above), while they are limited to up to five (5) devices that can be used at a time.
Does it securely connect me to the COSMOTE WiFi network?
Yes! The app securely connects you to COSMOTE WiFi points using your Internet connection credentials in the background. Additionally, each visitor to the COSMOTE WiFi point is assigned a different public IP address, so guests cannot have direct access to each other's connection (as is usually the case in public WiFi hot spots).
Can I use COSMOTE Best Connect abroad?
Yes! With COSMOTE Best Connect you have free access to over 23 million WiFi points on the Fon network.
I am already a user of the COSMOTE WiFi network through the COSMOTE Fon application. What other benefits should I expect if I use the COSMOTE Best Connect app?
Since you already have the COSMOTE Fon app installed on your device, we recommend that you uninstall it and install the COSMOTE Best Connect app (if you qualify - see above) to keep up to date with the new app. In fact the functionality of the COSMOTE Fon app is essentially replaced by that of the COSMOTE Best Connect app.
How shall I know I'm connected to the COSMOTE WiFi network?
In addition to checking your device settings or the app itself to find out which network you are connected to, you can enable the "Notify me when navigating through the COSMOTE WiFi network" switch in the app settings so that you see an alert on your mobile phone each time you connect to the COSMOTE WiFi network.
What does the map of the application illustrate?
The map includes points of the COSMOTE WiFi network in Greece, as well as points of the Fon WiFi network abroad. The points are mapped to a few meters approximation and grouped by streets.
Can I disconnect from the application?
Yes, there is the option to disconnect using the Profile section of the application (by tapping the top right on the three dots). By logging out, settings and usage statistics are lost, and the app stops.
Where can I ask for help while I have any problems with the application?

You can call 13888 (Technical Support -> Internet) from landline or mobile. Alternatively, you can do that online via My COSMOTE App or using Web CallBack, Online Chat or Video Call, which also supports sign language.

Application activation issues
When activated, I enter my phone number, but do not receive a confirmation code.
Initially, confirm that you are typing correctly the phone number (69xxxxxxxx format) that corresponds to the connection on your device. If the code does not arrive in the next few minutes, you can either activate your My COSMOTE account passwords or contact us to assist you.
Which passwords do I use for activation?
You can activate the Best Connect app using your My COSMOTE account username and password if it has been assigned to your COSMOTE mobile connection.
During activation, the system prompts me to try later. What could be the cause?
If this pops up repeatedly in your successive attempts (over WiFi or mobile network), we suggest trying it again later as it may be a more general issue that we are trying to resolve. But if it persists in your later attempts too, please contact us to assist you.
Although my COSMOTE mobile connection and my COSMOTE fixed connection belong to the same TIN, the application only recognizes me as a COSMOTE mobile client! What could be the cause?
Confirm that your COSMOTE fixed connection is Double Play rather than Single Play and that indeed belongs to the same TIN as your mobile connection. If so, please contact us to investigate your case.
Can other COSMOTE mobile connections that belong to and use my home COSMOTE fixed connection (e.g. my family) install and use the Best Connect app?
Yes! Since these connections belong to you and are therefore on the same TIN as the fixed COSMOTE Double Play home connection, then these devices can install and activate the application normally! If the mobile connections do not belong to you, then again they can install and use the app as long as they belong to the same COSMOTE One format to which also belongs the fixed COSMOTE Double Play home connection!
What permissions does the application ask for and why?

Best Connect requests the following permissions for the application to operate:

  1. Permission to specify your location (applies to ios and Android) so that it can find the best connection to where you are.

  2. License to use the phone feature on your device (Android only) so the app knows which connection you're using at any time.

  3. Permission to access your connection activity (applies to ios), as the app only connects you to a WiFi network if your device stays in location for some time. This ensures that WiFi is not constantly switched over to a mobile network and vice versa.

  4. Permission to receive notifications (applies to ios) so that you stay informed of connections through the Best Connect app. You can change your choice through the app settings at any time.

All of the above licenses are mandatory for the application to function properly.

Is the speed of customer connection affected due to the sharing of part of it?

No, because the devices connected to the client's private network always take precedence over the connected Fon visitors. Therefore your internet browsing is not affected!

Is COSMOTE WiFi safe?

Absolutely!! Because the service is designed and implemented in such a way so as to ensure the integrity and security of the client connection from malicious visitors. Specifically, the private/local network of the client's home is completely separate/different from the public ‘COSMOTE WiFi Fon’ wireless network available for sharing. Each spot visitor is assigned a different public IP address. As a result, Wifi Spot guests cannot have direct access to the local network, which is for the customer's personal use.

How does COSMOTE WiFi work?

Every COSMOTE Double Play subscriber who activates the COSMOTE WiFi service converts his/her router into a WiFi Spot, enabling members of the Fon community to connect to the Internet for free when they are within range of his/her router. Automatically, the COSMOTE Double Play customer gains free access to corresponding points created by other members of the community. This creates an extensive WiFi Spots network from COSMOTE Double Play customers, for their own use.

Application usage issues
Although I have activated the application and I am on a COSMOTE WiFi network point, I do not automatically connect to it!
If you are an iOS device user, when using the app for the first time you will need to make a connection to a 'COSMOTE WiFi Fon' network from your device's WiFi list. Then, the Best Connect application will automatically connect you according to the connection profile you selected! If this is not the case, then the COSMOTE WiFi point you see in the list of available WiFi networks may not be of enough speed and quality for the app to connect you, probably! Finally, confirm that you do not have the COSMOTE Fon application installed on your device which may not allow the Best Connect application to function properly.
I am connected through the app to COSMOTE WiFi point, but I don't seem to have enough Internet speed!
Once you have selected the 'WiFi Choice' connection profile, you are likely to be connected to a COSMOTE WiFi point which, at a given time, may not provide you with sufficient Internet access speed. If this is the case at a given point/location constantly, we recommend you send a negative rating (on the home screen) while connected to the WiFi point. This will help the app connect you to an alternative point in the area the next time.
Apart from COSMOTE WiFi and Fon points, can the app connect me to other WiFi networks?
In the Android version, you can add WiFi networks to the ones managed by the application. For this to happen, you will need to connect through the application by selecting the WiFi network from the list of available and set the network password. When a network is added to the ones managed by the application, these are then included in the speed comparison procedure so that you will be connected to the best network possible.