Switch your prepaid to Cost Control and get the benefits of a contract without losing the flexibility of prepaid.

Form your own Cost Control plan every month
according to your needs and get:

  • fixed bill
  • lots of data and talk time
  • flexibility to change your bonus of 3GB or 400’ talk time to all every month,
    easily and instantly, via My COSMOTE App

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With fixed bill at 21.51€ per month *, you enjoy:
900’ to COSMOTE
200’ to all
200 MB
for surfing
1€ available
& you choose your bonus
for surfing
to all
This price also applies to switches from Prepaid with a discount on the fixed fee instead of subsidy. Initial pricelist value: 28,38€.
The fixed fee of the plan includes 1€ discount, due to e-bill.


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How much will I be charged per month?
Your monthly Cost Control bill is fixed. You will be charged additionally only if you select to purchase an extra pack with charge to the following bill.
I have selected the bonus of 3GB and not of 400’ talk time to all. Can I switch?
You can switch the Bonus easily and instantly every month via My Cosmote App, one month after the initial activation of your plan. You can change it only once every 30 days.
What are my options when my benefits end? Can I get more talk time or MB?
You can purchase packs with charge to the following bill or to your available cash balance. Here you can see all the available talk time, Internet & SMS packs.
What happens when I consume the available cash balance?
You can extend your cash balance either by buying a top up card, charging the following bill or Online (My Cosmote App, Paypal).
I am a Cosmote fixed telephony subscriber. What additional benefits am I entitled to?
You can have 1GB or 200’ additionally, as long as you activate Cosmote One. Alternatively, you can get 10% discount on your mobile fixed fee. Moreover, you get 1.000’ talk time every month in order to communicate with all landlines and mobiles of Cosmote One.
I have What’s Up prepaid. If I switch my prepaid to Cost Control will my What’s Up friends be charged when they call me?
Your What’s Up friends will communicate with you same as before, by using their talk time to What’s Up.
Basic Bonus Features
  • You can change your bonus instantly, regardless of the issuance date of the bill.
  • Bonus is provided one-off and not proportionally.
  • If the subscriber changes his bonus he cannot switch again unless 30 days have passed.
  • The first bonus switch can be performed 30 days from the initial activation.
  • The Bonuses of 400’ and 3GB have unlimited duration and are valid as long as the subscriber remains in the plans COST CONTROL & COSMOTE MOBILE 1500.