COSMOTE Mobile Plans
Now you have abundant data in COSMOTE 4G, the largest 4G network in Greece.
The COSMOTE Mobile plans offer more data in order to enjoy more Internet on your mobile via COSMOTE 4G.
The network that is constantly expanding in order to provide fast Mobile Internet in more spots than any other network!
They are the only ones that provide the option to talk even in the most challenging indoor spaces via WiFi network, thanks to the innovative and exclusive service COSMOTE WiFi Calling.
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Free benefits that you won’t find anywhere else!
We are the largest 4G network in Greece and we are constantly growing in order to be where you need us!
COSMOTE WiFi Calling
Talk on your mobile even in the most challenging indoor spaces.
Manage your plans, services and bills easily and simply.
COSMOTE My Internet
Have real cost-control over your ΜΒ and the assurance that you won’t be charged with even 1 euro extra, unless you select it.
Free Roaming
Wherever you travel within the European Union, you can use the free talk time and the available MB and SMS of your plan, without any extra charge, as if you were in Greece!
Additional options available only in COSMOTE Mobile plans!
COSMOTE Mobile Security
Protect your mobile from malicious software & data interception.
You can combine your mobile plan and your landline and enjoy even more privileges.
Enjoy the world of COSMOTE TV on your mobile!
We cooperate with top brands in order to offer unique experiences at budget prices!
New COSMOTE Mobile plans
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