Now, the Internet of Things
even more secure and at a lower cost!
The ability to connect
millions of devices
to the Internet, known as
Internet of Things,
is one
of the most important
technological developments
of our era.
It is a digital world, where devices until now having not interaction with the Internet, can now interact with us and with each other.

From a smart lamp to entire industrial production systems, volumes of data are collected and analyzed daily, allowing faster, more efficient and accurate decision-making.
By dynamically investing in new technologies and developing the Narrowband Internet of Things network across Greece, we are paving the way for new smart applications. COSMOTE NB-IoT is a wireless technology network that supports innovative IoT applications, which require a small volume of transmitted information (Kbytes), as they only interconnect when needed (for example, a fire detector may not be connected for years unless needed), thus drastically reducing energy consumption and offering new opportunities at a much lower cost.
Millions of connected devices
Interconnecting multiple devices at the same time, such as sensors, cars, etc., is done at a lower cost, since the equipment is adapted to the very small amount of data required.
Better indoor coverage
With improved protocols (+20 dB) that enable strong signal in the most difficult areas, such as basements and shafts, it offers coverage everywhere.
Greater security in data traffic
Data is transmitted over the NB-IoT (LTE 800MHz) mobile network to ensure quality and safety.
Lower energy consumption
It contributes to the increase of IoT devices battery life for up to 10 years
For the first time in Greece
smart applications through
the COSMOTE NB-IoT network
Smart Wine application
In collaboration with the Kyr-Yiannis Winery in Naousa
we deployed a pilot Smart Wine application,
the wine’s quality conditions at every stage,
all thanks the use of the innovative
Narrowband Internet of Things technology.
IoT sensors
Special sensors record real-time temperature, humidity and brightness in the winery, as well as the conditions in the distributor's warehouse in Thessaloniki, and in a downtown restaurant, while there are sensors that also monitor its transport.
Cloud application
All data is collected and analyzed through the NB-IoT network in a special cloud application 1, which is accessible from everywhere. Thus, the entrepreneur can control and ensure the quality of his product at any time and from anywhere.
1 The cloud application is based on the ISTMOS solution, created by the Greek company ASN and deployed under the WARP-NBIoT initiative of the Deutche Telekom hub:raum.
The first smart campus
As part of a pilot application with the use
of Narrowband Internet of Things technology

in the campus of the Democritus University of Thrace in Xanthi,
the following smart solutions were installed:
Air Quality Monitoring
With a special sensor, temperature, humidity, pressure, as well as various gases and microparticles are measured in real time, while opportunity is provided for improving the design and engaging in an action to reduce air pollution.
Smart Fuel Tank Management 1
With a special device for measuring the level of heating oil we help to avoid excess consumption, prevent fuel theft and invoice valuation.
Water Quality Management 2
Helps ensure the quality of drinking water for campus students
1 This application is based on the solution of the Greek company Fuelics and is implemented in collaboration with Ericsson.
2 Implemented in collaboration with the Greek company Wings.
* ΤThe pilot project was implemented with the contribution of the incubator hub:raum of Deutsche Telekom, while all other solutions utilize COSMOTE’s NB-IoT network for data transfer and communication between devices.
The future of Smart Cities
The future of smart cities was piloted in Patras
with the first nationwide application of the
Narrow-Band Internet of Things
technology and among the
first ones in Europe. The benefits offered byς
the innovative wireless Narrowband technology
were shown through its application in the following services:
Smart Parking
With Smart Parking sensors, drivers are immediately informed of where free parking spaces are and how to get there, via a dedicated mobile application.
Smart Lighting
With Smart Lighting systems, city lighting adjusts to different levels of intensity, depending on the season and time of day, significantly reducing energy consumption.
Air Quality Monitoring
With a special sensor, temperature, humidity, pressure, as well as various gases and microparticles are measured in real time, while opportunity is provided for improving the design and engaging in an action to reduce air pollution
The project utilized Huawei technologies, OTS provided the Smart Parking application, KAFKAS provided LED lighting,
Flashnet the Smart Light controllers, while the Air Quality Monitoring application was implemented in collaboration with Radgreen.