With one touch in My COSMOTE app,
you can make your life even simpler!

Because you become faster than your nature dictates, you communicate without
talking, you acquire the strength to live more and adjust time to your own standards.  
All these, via a touch in My COSMOTE.


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The offer of 1GB is valid for 5 days and only for the first installation of the application.
Check your balance.
You can instantly check your remaining MB, SMS and talk time.
Purchase packs.
Depending on your needs, you can activate the MB, SMS and talk time pack you need.
Manage bills.
You can manage your bills fast and easily. Because now, you have the option to pay with safety your landline or mobile bill via the app, using a credit or a debit card. Moreover, you win 500 ΜΒ if you pay your mobile bill via the app.
Renew your contract.
You can renew your contract by selecting fee discount or by acquiring a new device.
Top up your talk time.
You can top up your talk time in prepaid, paying with safety, either via a credit or a debit card or via PayPal.
Get DEALS for YOU vouchers.
You enjoy unique COSMOTE DEALS for YOU offers and get the voucher directly via the app. Moreover, you can select an offer depending on your location on the map or the day you are interested in.
Get the support that you need.
You can communicate directly with COSMOTE Customer Service via chat and be notified via the app on any technical issues you are facing on your landline.
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