COSMOTE is the first
to bring ΜultiSIM to Greece!
One number, lots of devices.
Now, with COSMOTE MultiSIM, keeping the same number, you can use the services included in your plan – talk time, SMS, MB – on more than one smart device.
You want access to your mobile phone, regardless of
where you are or what device you are using?
You want to make a call, but you forgot your mobile phone
at home or your battery died?
COSMOTE has the solution.
COSMOTE’s new MultiSIM service!
You just need one device
You have access to your mobile phone, regardless of where you are or what device you are using. Now, when you are going out or exercising, you don’t need to take your mobile phone with you – your smartwatch is all you need.
Simultaneous use of devices
You can use all of your devices simultaneously. This means that, for example, you can simultaneously make calls on your smartphone, surf on your tablet and use your smartwatch.
One SIM for everything
When you get COSMOTE MultiSIM, you no longer need to constantly switch SIM cards between the devices you use or look for a WiFi connection or share a connection via Bluetooth.
MultiSIM cards
You can get up to 4 additional MultiSIM cards for each compatible Mobile plan you have.
Synced notification
You receive simultaneous notification of incoming calls on all of your devices. You can respond to the call on one device each time.
Watch the MultiSIM videos below.
COSMOTE MultiSIM at a glance
Using COSMOTE MultiSIM on your smartwatch
Get it now!
Activate your COSMOTE MultiSIM at COSMOTE and GERMANOS shops or by calling 13888.
with MB included
starting from 5€
/month & per SIM
Not applicable to Cost Control, Prepaid, Business Cost Control or Mobile Internet plans.
I have COSMOTE MultiSIM and I want
to use it on a new device...
The COSMOTE MultiSIM service is compatible with all devices that support SIM or eSIM cards.
It is not compatible with WiFi Tablets and WiFi or Bluetooth Smartwatches.
1. Whats is COSMOTE MultiSIM?
The only limitation, is that all secondary SIM cards are able to sent SMS, but cannot received. SMS can be received only via master SIM card.
2. Who can use the MultiSIM service?
COSMOTE MultiSIM can be activated in all Postpaid Rate Plans (Residential & Corporate) with embedded data. The service cannot be activated in Prepaid/Hybrid/BCC.
3. How can I activate COSMOTE MultiSIM service?
COSMOTE MultiSIM service, may be activated via visiting any COSMOTE/Germanos shops and also via conducting Customer Care (13838 for Residential and 13888 for Business subscribers)
4. Are there any requirements for using MultiSIM service?
Wi-Fi calling add-on service should be activated prior to COSMOTE MultiSIM activation.
5. How many secondary SIM cards can be linked to the primary SIM on the MultiSIM service?
Up to 4 secondary SIM cards can be linked to the master SIM via the MultiSIM service (Green, Yellow, Blue, Black)
6. What are the benefits of COSMOTE MultiSIM service?
Having up to five SIM cards (MultiSIM services)on the same mobile number allows you to share your voice and data services across all of your mobile devices. E.g. you can take calls on one mobile phone while continuing to email or SMS on your other mobile devices.
7. Is there a limitation on using the characteristics?
The only limitation, is that all secondary SIM cards are able to receive SMS, but cannot send. SMS can be sent only via master SIM card.
8. What is a master SIM?
It is the main SIM card in the MultiSIM group, where the secondary SIM’s will share its resources.
9. What is secondary SIM?
A secondary SIM is the one to be connected to master SIM (via MultiSIM service) in order to use its characteristics (by inserted in another device)
10. Can a secondary SIM card exist on its own?
No, a secondary SIM card cannot exist on its own without being linked to the master SIM card.
11. How much does COSMOTE MultiSIM service cost;
COSMOTE MultiSIM costs 5€/month (per SIM). For Rate Plans offering unlimited data, the cost is 25€/month (per SIM) respectively.
12. When and how can I deactivate COSMOTE MultiSIM service?
I can deactivate the service at any time, by visiting any COSMOTE/Germanos shop or via calling Customer Care.
13. If I change my Rate Plan will I maintain COSMOTE MultiSIM service;
If you move in a compatible Rate Plan, you will maintain the service.
14. How many bills will I receive for Multi-SIM? Can I have an itemised bill split by SIM?
You’ll only receive a single bill (bill / e-bill) per phone number; however the bill will show itemised usage for each SIM card
15. May I have 2 active calls simultaneously?
No, only one call can be active at any time
16. Can I use COSMOTE MultiSIM while Roaming?
Yes. COSMOTE MultiSIM service can be used while in roaming.
17. Which number appears while using any of the characteristics (Voice, SMS, data) of my Master SIM by any of the SIMs (master or secondary);
In all transactions by any of the SIM cards (master or secondary) the MSISDN of the master SIM will always appear