Multimedia Information Services (MIS) 

Multimedia Information Services (MIS) 

Find out more about the Multimedia Services relating to the transmission of information/content to specific numbering resources by the National Numbering Plan.

MIS are services provided via destination, in particular via the numbering series:

  • 901 ΧΧΧ ΧΧΧΧ
  • 909 ΧΧΧ ΧΧΧΧ (adult services)
  • 806 ΧΧΧ ΧΧΧΧ
  • 812 ΧΧΧ ΧΧΧΧ
  • 825 ΧΧΧ ΧΧΧΧ
  • 850 ΧΧΧ ΧΧΧΧ
  • 875 ΧΧΧ ΧΧΧΧ
  • 14 ΧΧΧ
  • 54 ΧΧΧ
  • 19 ΧΧΧ

These services are usually of added charge and include:

  • audiotext
  • visual tools for distance learning (Videotext)
  • short messages (SMS)
  • multimedia messages (MMS)
  • or can be provided via the Internet.

The MIS may be charged in the following ways:

  • via a fixed amount per call
  • via charge per unit time, with or without minimum call duration
  • via a fixed cost per SMS / MMS

The Voice MIS cannot last longer than 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the service provider is obliged to terminate the connection.

Learn more about the Value Added Services:

Our subscribers are strongly advised to read carefully the Terms & conditions of the service and be well aware of the type of service (f.i. subscription) and its charge before they purchase it.
If you have any doubt about your registration in a service or about the charges you can contact Residential Customer Service Fixed & Mobile OTE Group at 13888 (13818 for corporate customers).

Barring Multimedia Information Services (MIS)

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