Register 11

Register 11

What is the Registry of article 11 (hereafter “Registry”)

According to article 11, par 2 of law Ν. 3471/2006, all telecommunications providers must keep a special Registry containing the telephone numbers of subscribers that do not want to be contacted for any type of marketing/promotional call.

Inclusion in the Registry prevents incoming promotional calls only and not other promotional communication methods, such as email or SMS.

This Registry is available to any interested person (legal or natural) who wishes to contact subscribers for the purpose of promoting products and services and who has an obligation to seek and take note of the registry before conducting marketing/promotional calls.

Fixed and mobile connections: Inclusion in the Registry

ΟΤΕ and COSMOTE maintain a Registry of article 11, par 2, of law 3471/2006, which contains fixed and mobile phone numbers of subscribers that do not want to be contacted for marketing / promotional calls.

The subscribers that want to be included in the Registry (i.e do not want to receive marketing calls) can do so via:

  • Visiting any COSMOTE/ ΓΕΡΜΑΝΟΣ, shop, or
  • Calling 13888 (Residential Customer Service) or 13818 (Business Customer Service), or
  • Via an electronic contact form, or
  • Via the COSMOTE/What’s Up/Frog mobile applications (in Greek only) or,
  • Via Cosmote’s site in section My Cosmote - «Frequent options» - «Privacy» - «Advertising Communication»
If a customer wishes to be excluded from the Registry, so that they may receive promotional calls, they can do so by making the relevant request using any of the methods mentioned above.
Note: COSMOTE and OTE will record your registry choice in our systems immediately. However, promotional companies will usually refresh their Registry listings on a monthly basis, which means that there may be a short time period within which you may receive promotional calls. For example, if a subscriber is included in the registry on the 15th of March and while the third party conducting the promotional calls downloaded the latest copy of the register on the 13th of March, the subscriber may receive promotional calls from this provider until the 13th of April.
  1. The Registry only contains telephone numbers, fixed and mobile and is provided to third parties following a relevant request from them.
  2. OΤΕ and COSMOTE are not responsible for any possible data misuse by third parties, other than those mentioned in article 11 of law 3471/2006.
  3. If a connection is no longer active in OTE’s /COSMOTE’s network, it is automatically deleted from the Registry. In cases of number portability to a different telecom provider, the subscriber must decide once more, whether he wishes to be included in the Register, under their new telecom services provider.
  4. In case of a phone number transfer to a new subscriber, he must decide once more whether he wishes to be included in the Register.
  5. In case of tariff changes, from prepaid to postpaid and vice versa, the subscriber must decide once more whether they wish to be included in the Register.
  6. Inclusion in the Registry only applies to incoming promotional calls and does not affect any possible requests for information on OTE/COSMOTE products and services expressly requested by the customer, via any means.
  7. Inclusion in the Register for corporate connections can only be requested by the legal representative.
  8. Inclusion in the Register prevents all promotional calls to the selected connection. This means that the subscriber will not be notified of any possible offers or products by OTE/COSMOTE that may interest him. For this reason, a further option is available, i.e. to be included in the Register, while receiving calls from OTE and COSMOTE only. This way, subscribers can be notified of any available offers from OTE/COSMOTE, only.
  9. If a subscriber manages a number of connections via digital means (app & site) that belong to other VAT numbers, a 6 digit one-time PIN (OTP) will be used to confirm the Registry choices for the respective VAT. In this case a notification SMS will also be sent to the connection for which the Registry choice has changed stating this change. If the requested changes concern a fixed phone number, the OTP will be communicated via automated incoming call.
How the Register is distributed to interested third parties

The Register is available to the interested parties and contains the active telephone connections of customers who, until the day before the export of the Register, have completed an inclusion/exclusion request. Stakeholder access to the Register has a maximum validity period of 30 days. The responsibility for searching the Register Update file lies with the recipient concerned, who must always seek and consult the most recent version of the Register and use it solely for the purposes of Article 11 of Law 3471/2006.
To apply for a complete copy of the Fixed Telephony Register of the company interested parties must complete the following application form and email it to along with the required documentation (Official Gazette, Photocopy of ID Card photocopy of APT applicant for natural persons).


Subsequently, their application code and a 16-digit code are sent to the interested parties. Using the two codes, the interested party may obtain the register from OTE's  website. For more information you can email
In order to apply for the Company's complete Mobile Register interested parties can complete the application form below and email it to along with the required documentation (Official Gazette, photocopy of ID card photocopy of APT applicant for natural persons).
The Register will be sent electronically to the email address of the person concerned within two business days. For more information you can email