International Destinations Packs

International Destinations Packs

Talk to your loved ones who live abroad!

Call your loved ones who live abroad at home or at their mobile phone, with the dedicated packages we have designed for you.

  COSMOTE Home International 30 countries COSMOTE Home International 6 countries COSMOTE Home International Albania
Airtime - 400' to international fixed lines
- 100' to international mobiles
- 180' to international fixed lines 
- 60' to international mobiles
- 120' to Albanian fixed lines 
- 30' to Albanian mobiles
Australia, Austria,
Belgium, France,
Germany, Denmark,
United Kingdom, USA,
Japan, Ireland, Iceland,
Spain, Italy, Canada,
China, Croatia, Cyprus,
Luxembourg, Norway,
Holland, Hungary, Poland,
Portugal, Romania,
Slovakia , Slovenia,
Sweden, Turkey, Czech
Republic, Finland

Premium rate destinations excluded
Bulgaria, Georgia, FYROM, 
Ukraine, Russia, Serbia

Premium rate destinations excluded

Premium rate destinations excluded
Price 6,35€ 6,35€ 8,47€

Prices include VAT 24% and the Fixed Telephony Subscribers Tax which is calculated at 5% (in accordance with article 55 of Law 4389/2016).

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