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corner of your house,
with epic WiFi.
New advanced
WiFi Equipment COSMOTE Home
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Learn how you can have the perfect Internet
experience in every corner of your house!
Optimize the Internet
experience at home!
Enjoy the amazing speeds of COSMOTE Fiber,
the largest fiber optic network in Greece!
Find the COSMOTE Double Play Fiberspeed plan that suits you,
and have an incomparable Internet experience, with Real Speed Guarantee.
Internet up to 200Mbps
Unlimited to fixed lines
420' to mobile and 29 countries
Monthly fee
Internet up to 100Mbps
Unlimited to fixed lines
420' to mobile and 29 countries
Monthly fee
Internet up to 50Mbps
Unlimited to fixed lines
120' to mobile and 29 countries
Monthly fee
Get a new generation Router!
Find the one that fully satisfies your needs and enjoy maximum Internet
speed in every room of your house!
Speedport Plus
It provides two WiFi channels for maximum speed performance,
even with many connected devices, at the same time.
With new connection in Double Play 24 / 50 / 100 / 200
FRITZ!Box 7590
With its advanced operating system and the integrated security
system, it is the premium choice in its category!
with 12 interest-free instalments or 299€ one-off
Tips for strong WiFi signal
Place your modem in a central location
The greater your distance from your modem is, the weaker you WiFi signal becomes. Place your modem in a central location in the house, away from the wall and in a position as high as possible, in order to expand the signal towards all directions.
Avoid interferences from other devices
Some electrical appliances interfere with your WiFi signal, such as microwave ovens, radios, TVs or wireless telephones. Keep your modem away from the aforementioned devices in order to avoid interferences in your signal.
Don’t place the modem inside furniture
The aesthetics of your house may improve when you hide your modem inside a cupboard or a drawer, however, the results will be the opposite in relation to your signal. Keep your modem in a conspicuous, unobstructed location, so that signal strength is not weakened.
Change your WiFi channel
WiFi networks operate in specific frequencies so, if you live in a block of flats, this may result in many networks being connected to the same frequency. The Router automatically searches for the best possible speed, however, a manual change of frequency could noticeably change its performance. If you want to change your frequency follow the steps below:
  • Open a browser and type the address (
  • Login with the Device Password which can be found at the back of your Router
  • Select «Home Network» and then «Basic WLAN settings»
  • On the 2nd section of the page, titled «frequency band», under the tab «Channel», select different channels.
Speedport Plus combines the most
advanced technologies and offers
a unique Internet experience.
  • Strong and fast wireless connection
  • Even greater WiFi coverage
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports for faster wired connection
  • USB port
See the characteristics
Band Steering at 5GHz
offering stable and fast
wireless connection without interferences
4 Gigabit Ethernet ports
for fast and stable
wired connection up to 1Gbps
WPS & QR Code Key
for easy wireless WiFi connection
without the need to use password
Plug & Play installation
without the need for settings, it supports
the automatic installation of the latest
software upgrades
Embedded USB 2.0 port
for file sharing, connection to external hard drives & printers for shared use with the networked computers
The powerful FRITZ!Box 7590
combines ideally elegant design
and cutting-edge technology!
  • Fast and stable Internet
  • Great WiFi range
  • Advanced, smart, operating system FRITZ!OS
  • MyFRITZ!App for easy management always and everywhere
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports that turn it into a multimedia entertainment center
See the characteristics
Operating System FRITZ!OS
with automatic software upgrade, embedded
Smart Home operations, an integrated
security system, in cooperation with all
devices that are connected to your network
for safe, remote management from
Android or iOS devices and parental control
over your child’s connection
Two embedded USB 3.0 ports
for easy access and management of your personal
files with safety and the option for streaming no
matter where you are
Band Steering
offering stable speed and wireless
connection with no interferences
4x4 Multi-User MIMO
for simultaneous connection
of multiple devices
Dual Band WiFi
wireless network with AC protocol and with speeds
up to 1733 Mbit/s at 5 GHz and 800 Mbit/s at 2.4 GHz
WPS & QR Code Key
for easy wireless WiFi connection
without the need to use password
4 Gigabit Ethernet ports
for fast and stable wired connection
up to 1Gbps
Find the proper equipment to enjoy
WiFi in every corner of your house!
Select the dimensions of your house and see which is the
proper equipment in order to have WiFi where you need it!
WiFi Extender AC750 RE205
Easy expansion of the coverage and strength of your WiFi signal, to enjoy Internet where you need it!
Powerline TL-WPA4226KIT WiFi EXT
With range up to 300 meters and via the push of a button, you can enjoy WiFi signal even at the most challenging areas in the house!
with 6 interest-free instalments or 59.90€ one-off
Deco M5 Mesh WiFi System 3-pack
The advanced Deco Mesh system replaces your Router and provides reliable Internet in every room without creating multiple networks!
with 12 interest-free instalments or 179.90€ one-off
* Sq. are indicative as WiFi coverage is affected by various factors
For even faster Internet at home,
with the support of the COSMOTE 4G network,
COSMOTE Home Speed Booster.
Even if the COSMOTE Fiber network hasn’t reached your area, with the
exclusive and innovative service COSMOTE Home Speed Booster
you can combine fixed and mobile speeds for up to +60Mbps.
Therefore, you will enjoy the highest Internet speed you can get at you house.
Now only for 6.80€ /month
With Hybrid Access technology, even in the event of fault in your
fixed connection, you can continue being online!
Always connected, no matter what happens!
With the service COSMOTE Internet Backup and with the UPS device, even in
the event of fault or power failure, Internet never leaves you!
Internet Backup
Now you can stay online even if there is a fault at your fixed connection!
Monthly fee
Now you no longer need to worry about a potential power failure since you can always be on and protect your devices and data.
COSMOTE Internet Backup
Now, no matter what happens, you always stay
connected to the Internet!
Because we know how important it is to always be online, you no longer need
to worry about losing your Internet connection, since in the
event of disconnection of interruption of your connection:
  • you have instant backup Internet connection, with automatic routing
    via the 3G/4G mobile network and
  • automatic re-routing to the fixed network once the fault has been repaired

How dows it work:
By connecting the Huawei USB stick* 4G (with built-in SIM card) to the USB port of the compatible router we provide, COSMOTE Internet Backup is automatically turned on, offering:
  • 100GB per month
Whenever connections are made over a mobile network, you will receive SMS alerts, on the mobile phone you have declared.
* The Huawei 3372h 4G USB Stick service is provided free of charge with a 24-month commitment.
By combining the Internet Backup service with a UPS device you can enjoy carefree
surfing even in the event of power failure.
Enjoy epic WiFi even at the most
challenging house, with the service
For whatever you may need, from the simplest to the most complex, the expert partners of COSMOTE@YourService will always be by your side! With an on-site visit, we undertake to solve problems in telephony and Internet, such as:
  • Installation and setting of wireless devices
  • Ordering and installation of network equipment such as WiFi repeater, access point, switch
  • Constructing or repairing the cabling structure of the Internet & data network
Call 13888 from Monday to Saturday between 09:00 and 21:00 and select the service COSMOTE@YourService or fill in the contact form