Fiber optics brought together
the “Spartas” of the world!
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We are implementing the biggest telecommunications
infrastructure upgrade project
of the last
decades, by installing fiber optic everywhere.
Since 2018, COSMOTE brings 100% fiber optic technology to households and businesses,
with the widest Fiber To The Home coverage in the country,
enabling Internet access with 100% guaranteed speeds for:
180 thousands
households & businesses
until today
more than
300 thousands
households & businesses
by the end of 2020
1 million
households & businesses
by 2022
In Attika, the Fiber To The Home infrastructure is already available at specific addresses in: Agios Artemios, Amepelokipoi, Vironas, Galatsi, Ilioupoli, Kesariani, Kifisia, Marousi, N. Erithrea, N. Smirni, Paleo Faliro, Papagos-Holargos, Patisia, Halandri, Psychiko, N.Ionia, Petroupoli, Drapetsona, Keratsini, N.Filadelfia, and Rafina. In northern Greece accordingly, at areas in the Municipalities of Thessaloniki, Kalamaria, Panorama, Efkarpia, Oreokastro, Kavala and Katerini. In the rest of Greece, access to 100% fiber optic have Rethimno, Chania, Sparti and Agrinio.
The Fiber To The Home network is constantly expanding in order to reach even more households and businesses.
COSMOTE Fiber brought fast Internet to the city & to your neighborhood.
Now, for the first time, we bring 100% optical fiber to your home!
is in your city
The fiber optic network covers the entire country and reaches your city – in OTE’s Local Exchange – via the core network that currently exceeds 43.000 kilometers. So, if your house is close to the specific Local Exchanges of OTE, you can, via VDSL technology, have speeds up to 50Mbps.
is in your neighborhood
From OTE’s Local Exchanges, the optical fiber passes through your city and reaches the telecommunications cabinets – the PCPs – that you can see in many spots in your neighborhood. From there, it can reach your house via a VDSL connection with speed up to 50Mbps, while, via Vectoring & Super Vectoring technologies, you can enjoy speeds up to 100Mbps and 200Mbps respectively.
Now, COSMOTE Fiber
is in your home with 100% optical fiber
For the first time, the optical fiber comes from OTE’s Local Exchange directly to your house, without any of the intermediate materials that were used until today! Therefore, you can enjoy all the advantages of a 100% fiber optic connection, namely superfast speeds that in the future will reach 1Gbps!
Our aim is to accelerate the country's transition
to the new digital age and contribute
to a better world for everyone!
By 2022, OTE Group's total investment, mainly for new generation
infrastructure and networks, will amount to up to 2 billion Euro.
Today, COSMOTE Fiber has:
active cabinets
Coverage in
households & businesses
speeds of
up to 200 Mbps
For the first time
100% fiber optic & 100% guaranteed speeds

of up to 1Gbps
Everyday life gets better!
Your house now enjoys 100% fiber optic through the Fiber To The Home infrastructure. Thus, for the first time, you will have 100% guaranteed download speed in seconds, online gaming without delays, uninterrupted HD videos and all your smart devices being online at the same time!

Find out more about the new features here.
We create the future society!
Next-generation networks will make a crucial contribution to the development of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things, Virtual Reality (VR), 3D printing, Autonomous Robots and more, that will improve the quality of life, bringing new experiences, developments and benefits in Medicine, Education and Entertainment. The Greek periphery will have a chance to grow further and offer improved services to its citizens, supported by a reliable network infrastructure and high speeds.
Business is evolving!
Entrepreneurs in key sectors, such as Tourism, Agriculture, Livestock and Industry, will apply these new data to their daily processes, making the most of the technology, fast speeds and absolute stability of fiber optic, now competing with the international market on an equal footing.
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fiber optic speeds!
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Frequent questions
Do you want to know more? You can find all the answers here.
What is the fiber optic network?
The fiber optic network is the latest technology for Internet access. It allows transmission of data at the speed of light, through cables that have a bundle of ultra thin glass threads – fiber optic. This results in new incredible speeds that will reach up to 1Gbps in the future!
What are the download and upload speeds I can enjoy through the COSMOTE Fiber network?
  Download Upload
Double Play Fiberspeed 200 Up to 200 Mbps Up to 20 Mbps
Double Play Fiberspeed 100 Up to 100 Mbps Up to 10 Mbps
Double Play 50 Up to 50 Mbps Up to 5 Mbps

The actual Internet connection speed of any financial program provided via FTTH infrastructure is the same as the rated one.
How can I find out if I will have Fiber To The Home infrastructure in my neighborhood?
As early as July 2018, COSMOTE Double Play/Business Double Play plans with Fiber To The Home infrastructure – which is fiber optic that directly reaches your house and business – are available in specific areas of the Municipalities of Paleo Faliro, Marousi, Holargos and Kalamaria in Thessaloniki, their number constantly on the rise. You may check if your address enjoys access here.
What does 100% guaranteed speed via FTTH infrastructure mean?
The Fiber To The Home (FTTH) technology infrastructure is made up of 100% fiber, which means that fiber optic will reach the outlet of your home or business without interfering with any other material, as in the case where fiber first reaches the neighborhood cabinet (FTTC) or enclosure (FTTE). This ensures that you will enjoy ultimate speed performance without any loss or interruption.
How is 100Mbps speed with Fiber to the Home infrastructure different from 100Mbps through other infrastructure?
The difference lies in the technological infrastructure that affects the actual speed at which the router synchronizes. In the case of a Fiber To The Home connection, there is no transition to copper, as in cases where the fiber reaches the neighborhood cabinet (FTTC) or enclosure (FTTE), so there is virtually no loss of speed.
Do I need to change router to connect to high speed COSMOTE Fiber?
If your router is not compatible with the speed of the plan you have selected, the point of sale will make sure you get a new COSMOTE compatible router.
If I am not connected to a compatible COSMOTE router, will my synchronization speed be affected?
A compatible router is required, in order to get the maximum speed of the plan you have selected. Therefore, if you do not have a compatible router, you will have a lower synchronization speed. Your point of sale or service will show you all compatible COSMOTE routers.
Is COSMOTE Fiber available in my area?
See here, or call at 13888 (13818 for businesses) or visit an OTE Group store.
There is no COSMOTE Fiber in my area. When will I have it?
Until then, we recommend the exclusive and innovative COSMOTE Home Speed Booster service that combines fixed and mobile telephony speeds through the COSMOTE 4G network, which will allow you to boost your connection speeds up to +60Mbps. Find out more here.
I am not a customer of COSMOTE fixed telephony. What do I have to do to get the Double Play Fiberspeed plan?
Click here for personal use or here for business, call 13888 or visit a store of OTE Group.