For Families

For Families

Reduce the communication expenses of your family by gathering all the needs in one pack! 

By getting COSMOTE Mobile Family Pack, each member of your family can choose whatever suits them- Postpaid plans, Cost Control plans, Prepaid plans, Internet, Land line- and the whole family can reduce their communication expenses.

More specifically, with the COSMOTE Mobile Family Pack you can have benefits such as:
  • Up to 20% discount, on each monthly fee (Postpaid plans, Cost Control plans)
  • Bonus of 20% talk time, each time you top up the balance of all COSMOTE Prepaid subscriptions, through COSMOTE Mobile Easy Transfer service
  • One family bill to fully control expenses

The COSMOTE Family Pack can contain up to 5 connections (Plan, Cost Control Plan, Prepaid Plan, Mobile Internet, COSMOTE Home Telephony SIM). The minimum requirement is either 2 postpaid plans or 1 Cost Control plan and 1 postpaid plan.

Bring your family to COSMOTE today!

If you wish to create a COSMOTE Mobile Family Pack, you can visit a COSMOTE or Germanos store, call on 210-6241800 or fill in the form with your personal data and we will communicate with you soon.

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