The most innovative
e-bill is here!
More comprehensible and easy to use than ever!
Learn more!
New unique e-bill experience
in fixed & mobile
Available in any device suits you best
The main information you need via
one look on your screen: time, amount
and deadline for the payment of your bill.
Moreover, if you have previous balance,
you can see when it expired and when you
select payment you don’t need to type a code
or the amount, you need only confirm them.
Full Control
You always know what you owe, even if
you made a payment after the issuance of your bill.
Your real balance in the new e-bill is updated
with every payment you make.
You can see the main charging categories
of your bill and if you wish,
you can compare them to those
of the previous bill.
Easy to Use
You can easily find further information
on how the charges for each of your connections
are estimated, under “Bill Details”.
Greater Understanding
You can see the features of your plan
and how you use them by selecting the
connection you are interested in.
More options
You can see the main information that
interests you in relation to your bill
and your connections, such as the features of
your plan and your contract duration.
And of course, you can always download
your bill in pdf format!
Suggestions just
for you!
If we have an update or suggestion
that interests you particularly,
it will be displayed under “Only For You”.
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