Unique e-bill experience
Now, with the innovative e-bill, you can focus fully on what’s really important to you, because the My COSMOTE App gives you complete control of your bill!
What does the COSMOTE App’s e-bill
offer me?
Discover the simplicity, control, ease and transparency of managing your e-bill through the My COSMOTE App.
Gain access to key billing data
With just a glance at your mobile phone’s screen, you have access to the payment period, amount, due date and previous balance of your bill.
You always know how much you owe
The balance of your e-bill is updated after every payment, so you always know where your bill stands.
Compare monthly charges
You can see key categories of charges each month and compare them with those of your previous bill.
See your bill in detail
Find information on charges for each of your subscriptions in “bill analysis”
Check the features of your plan
You can see the features of your plan and how you use it, selecting the subscription that interests you.
See more information on your e-bill
See data on your subscriptions, such as the duration of your contract. And of course you can always download the .pdf of your bill!
E-Bill is available on
any device convenient for you