Online Purchase of Digital Content

Online purchases of Digital Content

Purchase digital content easily with COSMOTE!
Learn more about the option for online purchases offered by partner companies (Providers) via the network of COSMOTE. Now you can make your purchases online, easily, fast and safely, with charge to the bill of your mobile phone.
Online purchases can be:
  • One-off
  • Subscriber, with automatic renewal per week or per month.
The services you purchase are provided by Third companies (Providers) that have the sole responsibility for their content and the manner in which they are provided. Our subscribers are strongly advised to read carefully the Terms & Conditions as these are displayed on the page confirming the purchase, as well as the informative SMS they will receive after their purchase.
See all the available Services per Provider and the respective charges.

1. What is the online purchase of digital content?

If you are a COSMOTE subscriber you have the option to make purchases from the sites of Third partner companies online, with charge to the bill of your mobile phone. Indicatively, you can purchase ringtones & games for your mobile or acquire access to online premium informative and entertaining content.

2. To whom is it addressed?
3. How can I charge my online purchases to my bill?
4. How can I be deleted from the subscriber services I have purchased?
5. I face a problem with the service I have purchased. What do I do?
6. Where and how are my purchases displayed?
7. Apart from the charge for the purchase of digital content am I charged with anything else?
8. Can I activate barring on the service?
9. Whom should I contact if I have a question or face a problem?