A more sustainable world,
is a better world for all.

Honoring our commitment, through the initiative “COSMOTE BLUE”, we protect our seas and we contribute in practice to limiting the risks threatening the biodiversity of our seabeds.

Today, our action plan is strengthened through a device recycling program. And in this effort, we can achieve more by joining forces, together.

We recycle together
or cleaner seas.

By recycling your old electronic devices at the dedicated bins of the COSMOTE-GERMANOS store network, you provide tangible support in protecting our blue seas.

Specifically, your important contribution helps us potentiate ENALEIA’s work, by providing the necessary technological equipment to enhance the tracking of plastics & waste collected from the Greek seas.

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and recycle your old device!
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Smartphones, mobile phones, wired & cordless phones, tablets, as well as accessories such as chargers, wearables & power banks.
Our Recycling Program
in numbers
Solely in 2022, through recycling in our store network,
we minimized the impact on the environment, health, and ecosystems, as below:
By recycling
electronic devices
which correspond to 21.45 t of raw materials. In this
way, we have saved a significant amount of natural
resources, creating a real “mine” of metal recovery.
ανάκτησης μετάλλων.

~75 kg of Silver
~7,5 kg of Gold
~3 t of Copper
~4,5 kg of Palladium
By collecting
of batteries
which we forwarded to be recycled, and thus prevented the pollution of 612 million m3 of water.
By gathering
whose reuse and recycling resulted in energy savings corresponding to 36,100 lt. of oil.
An initiative for the protection
of our sea
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