At COSMOTE, we believe that a more sustainable world for all, is a better world for all.
A safe, clean and healthy environment ensures the well-being of all of us and that is why we take action every day, implementing and supporting efforts that contribute to its protection.
But we are not alone in this effort! With your help, let's join forces for a more sustainable planet.
With your help, let's join forces for a more sustainable planet.
It's simple!
By filling the recycling bins of the COSMOTE-GERMANOS store network
with over 100,000 devices thanks to your valuable contribution, we will complete our planned actions in 4 Greek islands, where we will clean the seas and beaches of waste.
Recycling Programme
at the Group’s stores
Mediterranean Cleanup
Recycling Programme at the Group’s stores

Recycling devices is part of our everyday life! At COSMOTE, since 2013, we have implemented the Recycling Programme in our stores, creating the conditions for environmental and social change.

Thanks to the significant awareness of our customers, we have succeeded in collecting and recycling a large amount of devices, minimising the impact on the environment, health and ecosystems. Furthermore, with their help we have actively contributed to meet the national recycling goals in a measurable and documented way, fostering a culture of solidarity and environmental awareness.

In 2021 alone, in our stores we have all together collected:
In this way, we have saved a significant amount of natural resources, creating a real “mine” of metal recovery.
of Silver
of Gold
of Copper
of Palladium
of batteries
The recycling of these materials has resulted,
in preventing the pollution of
620 million m3
of water
ink cartridges
Their reuse and recycling resulted in energy savings corresponding to
16.500 lt
of oil
Our goal for the 3 years: 2022-2024
Be part of the change, a change that is measurable,
so help us contribute to a greener future!
Find your nearest COSMOTE or GERMANOS store and recycle your old device!
Find it!
See which devices you can recycle
Smartphones, mobile phones, wired & cordless phones, tablets, as well as accessories such as chargers, wearables & power banks.
Mediterranean Cleanup project by  

ENALEIA is a social, environmental company that aims, in cooperation with fishing communities, to solve two problems that are highly correlated: the reduction of fish stocks & marine plastic pollution. Its vision is a sustainable marine ecosystem with human contribution.

At COSMOTE, we share the same concerns for the sustainability of the planet, which is why we support ENALEIA to help maximize our positive impact on the world. We are committed to making a direct contribution to raise public awareness, as well as to joining forces to achieve our goals. Thus, by collecting thanks to your contribution as well more than 100,000 devices in our stores, we will complete the cleanup of seas and beaches of 4 Greek islands from litter.

1st year
In 2022, with the contribution of at least 6 fishing vessels and more than 25 professional fishermen, who will collect plastic from the sea and coastal areas, as well as by raising environmental awareness of local school communities, we will try to contribute to the practical promotion of the principles of circular and social economy. More specifically:
Beaches in Skiathos, Corfu, Kefalonia and Agios Nikolaos in Crete will be cleaned up with the help of school communities that have been educated regarding the problem of plastic pollution.
More than 100-200 kg of plastic is estimated to be collected from beach cleanups alongside local school communities and more than 7,000 kg of marine plastic is estimated to be collected from cleanups with professional fishermen.
100% of the materials that will be collected will be responsibly managed and recycled by ENALEIA's certified partners.
A significant proportion of these materials will be converted into new recycled products.
Next steps
In the next phase of our action plan, in collaboration with ENALEIA, we aim to:
Expand the network of islands where we operate by cleaning up marine and coastal areas from plastic waste.
Implement information and awareness-raising initiatives for local school communities, and work with them to clean up beaches.
Clean up inaccessible coastal areas, with the support of local fishing communities.
Deliver 100% of the materials that will be collected for responsible management & recycling by certified partners of ENALEIA.
Contribute to the creation of new products via recycling a significant part of the waste that will be collected.
Past activations
Every small contribution has had a big impact!
more than
of marine plastic
Cleaning of the Castro coast
April 2022   Skiathos
Since the beginning of April, a team of experienced professional fishermen from Skiathos has been working towards cleaning up the local seas from plastics.
Thus, with the support of COSMOTE, 4 fishing boats collect plastic waste that they fish with their nets from inaccessible shores, leaving the marine environment cleaner. With these initiatives, more than 500 kilos of plastic have already been gathered from the shores of Skiathos, which is collected and sent for recycling. In fact, a large percentage of that is recycled by partners of ENALEIA and is then reused for the creation of new products, applying in practice the principles of the circular economy.
more than
of marine plastic
Cleaning of the Vassilias beach
May 2022   Skiathos
Students of the fifth and sixth grade and teachers of the 1st Primary School of Skiathos joined forces and participated in the Mediterranean Cleanup project, to clean up Vassilias beach.