General Information on the Processing of your Personal Data by the companies OTE SA and COSMOTE SA ( Data Privacy Notice )
Protecting your data is a priority for us. We, at OTE and COSMOTE fully understand
how important the protection of your personal data is. This text concerns both subscribers and users of fixed,
mobile telephony and internet access services, as well as those who use the our mobile network as roamers .
It also concerns subscribers of other telecommunication providers, who receive calls from OTE/COSMOTE subscribers.
That is why we take all the necessary measures for the security and proper management of your data.
1. What personal data do we process? and
2. What is personal data processing?
3. For what purposes do we process your personal data?
4. How will we contact you for advertising purposes?
5. Who will process your personal data?
6. How long will we keep your personal data?
7. What are the steps we take to protect your data?
8. What are your rights in relation to your personal data?
9. Data Privacy Notices per service OTE COSMOTE
10. Create an individual / corporate profile
Frequent Questions
Which is the latest version of the General Data Privacy Notice?
The General Data Privacy Notice was last updated at 28/07/2022. The full text (in pdf form) can be downloaded here.

The main changes are:
  • Reference is added to personal data of other operators’ subscribers’, as well as roamers personal data
  • New personal data categories have been added
  • Purposes of data processing are described in more detail and new purposes are thoroughly described
  • Data retention periods are described more thoroughly for certain purposes of data processing
  • Identification method when exercising rights has changed.
• Data retention periods are described more thoroughly for certain purposes of data processing:
Website section Changes
Introduction (which data subjects this Privacy Notice is about) Reference was added to roamers, as well as subscribers of other operators, who receive incoming calls from OTE/COSMOTE subscribers.
What personal data do we process? (Articles 1 & 2 in text) Data categories are described in detail and new categories are added (promotional data, survey data, voicemail, undelivered sms)
For what purposes do we process your personal data? (Article 3) More detailed description of the purposes of processing is added. In particular: a) data processing for contract purposes is described in more detail b) data processing for credit control purposes base on OTE/COSMOTE legitimate interest is described in more detail, especially for cases where credit control cannot be performed using information already available to OTE and COSMOTE (e.g. in case the potential customer has never been an OTE/COSMOTE subscriber) c) reference is added to data processing though CCTV systems to our stores, as well as for the improvement of call center services through the sample audit of recorded communications d) reference was added to data processing performed, in order to offer our subscribers extra benefits in case of emergency ε) cases of compatible further processing are described more thoroughly. The case of using anonymized/aggregate data for the promotion of scientific research, as well as for the development of innovative products and services.
How will we contact you for promotional purposes? (Article 4) Mostly verbal improvements were made
Who will process your personal data? (Article 5) Mostly verbal improvements were made
How long will we keep your personal information? (Article 6) Data retention periods per data processing purpose are described in more detail. Retention periods of traffic and location data, which are processed for telecommunication’s fraud prevention purposes, for transmission to the competent judicial authorities, of voicemail, of sms/mms which were not delivered, of recorded communications and of Survey Data.
What are the measures we take to protect your data? (Article 7) No changes
What are your rights regarding your personal data? (Article 8) The reference to the submission of a copy of the identity card has been removed.
What is GDPR and what are the changes for the citizens?
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), implemented on 25th May 2018, strictly regulates the personal data Protection and Process of physical persons.GDPR defines and establishes, in all European Union state members, a common legal framework following which business companies and organizations collect, manage and process personal data.

GDPR concerns all Business and Organizations that process customer personal data of Europeans citizens.

Within this legal framework, European citizens have enhanced rights, such as:
  • Right to access: you have the right to receive information about your personal data that we process.
  • Right to delete: you have the right to request the deletion of your personal data, if it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was processed or if you revoked the consent on the basis of which we collected and processed it.
  • Right to data portability: you have the right to receive your personal data provided to our company in a structured, commonly, used format that is readable (eg, receiving data in the Cloud)
  • Specific provisions are implemented for protecting children personal data eg. when the service is offered directly to the child, the personal data process is an authorized, if only the child is more than 16 years old or there is parental consent.
What are the measures OTE and COSMOTE take to protect my personal data?
COSMOTE implements appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss and against unauthorized alteration, disclosure or access, and against all other unlawful forms of processing.

Additionally, COSMOTE, provides procedures and processes for your personal Data protection. More information about this you may find in: www. and in Binding Corporate Rules Privacy:
GERMANOS is complied with COSMOTE data privacy rules as per the process of your personal data, as described here.
What should I do if I do not wish to receive advertising/ promotional messages (e.g. sms or/ and email)?
Τhe contact details you provide to us when you enter into our contract or when you communicate with us, as well as the phone, landline and mobile numbers you maintain on OTE and COSMOTE, may be used by OTE and COSMOTE for the purpose of communication for advertising / promotion of products and services, according to the legislation in force (Law 3471/2006). Thus, OTE and COSMOTE can send you promotional messages (e.g. via SMS, emails, push notifications, etc.) to the contact details that you have disclosed to us in an earlier transaction. If you do not wish to receive such updates, you may:
  • Contact Residential Customer Service on 13888
  • or Corporate Customer Service in On-line via contact form found: here
You may exercise your right to object, as described here.