6. How long will we keep your personal data?
Your personal data is kept for as long as it is necessary to serve the purpose for which they were collected or in cases where the retention period is provided by applicable law, for the period provided by law. With the expiration of the retention period, your personal data will be deleted in a way that it is not technically possible to recover them or they will be anonymized.

In case you have given your consent to create a profile and / or to retain the data related to your profile after the expiration of the contract, the retention periods mentioned here apply.

  • Billing Data, Terminal Equipment Data, Benefits Data, Promotional Data and Customer Care Data (excluding your recorded calls and IVR communications ) are retained for as long as you are an active subscriber in the OTE / COSMOTE network. After the termination of your contract with OTE and / or COSMOTE in any way and provided that there are no overdue debts or credit balance, or pending complaints on your part, your personal data is stored in customer service systems for a period fourteen (14) months from the termination or expiration of the contract in accordance with the relevant provision in the current legislation ( No. 991/4 Decision of the National Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) "General Licensing Regulation", Government Gazette B '2265 / 31- 5-2021).

  • Simple Personal Data related to the invoicing (Invoicing Data & Limited Contract Data) is kept for an additional 12 years from the termination or expiration of your contract for any reason, in order to comply with tax legislation. The period of 12 years is calculated from the date of repayment of any debt to OTE and / or COSMOTE or return of any credit balance to you.

  • Traffic Data we process for the purpose of invoicing calls is kept for one year for contract subscribers and three months for prepaid subscribers. Also, in case of your debt or your complaint regarding the provision or invoicing of our services, the Traffic Data will be kept until the final resolution of our dispute.Traffic Data (SMS) originating from abroad networks that we process for the purpose of correct billing and payment of interconnections as well as protecting the network from the massively sent sms messages, which originate from dangerous destinations, are kept for seven days.

  • Traffic Data and Location Data that we process for the purpose of fault management, ensuring the security of our network and information systems and service requests regarding the quality of our network and services kept for up to 30 days. For these purposes, only that subset of Traffic Data that is absolutely necessary for the detection of specific faults or errors is kept.

  • Traffic Data for telecommunication fault prevention are retained for one (1) month. In case a fraud incident occurs, the relevant data are retained for a period of one (1) year in order to investigate the incident and to be able to exercise our rights.

  • Traffic and Location Data which we process in order to transmit to the competent Authorities (police and judicial) according to the legislation in force (Law 3917/2011) are retained for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of communication. Data are destroyed at the end of the retention period following an automated process, with the exception of data which had been lawfully accessed by the competent Authorities.

  • Messages you receive or leave on Voicemail are retained for up to 10 days.

  • Messages (SMS / MMS), which were not delivered to the recipient are kept for 3 days.

  • The recorded calls are kept for six months, while the recorded instructions that you give during your communication through the IVR system (Interactive Voice Response ), are maintained in voice format to text also for six months.

  • Survey data is retained for one year, from the date of your participation in it.
  • Log files that we keep for the purpose of controlling and checking compliance with the Privacy Policy of Communications in accordance with the Regulation for the Assurance of Confidentiality in Electronic Communications of the HELLENIC AUTHORITY FOR COMMUNICATION SECURITY AND PRIVACY (ADAE) (Decission No. 165/2011 – Official Gazette 2715/B/2011) are kept for two years, unless an audit by the competent Authority is in progress, in which case we keep the records in question beyond two years.
After the expiration of your Data retention period and their final deletion, we retain as information only the number of your fixed or mobile telephony connection in order to recognize our previous contractual relationship in case you wish to return to our network.
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