How long will we keep our personal information?
Your personal data are kept for as long as it is necessary to serve the purpose for which they were collected, or for as long as required by the applicable law. With the expiration of the retention period, your personal data will be deleted in a way that it is not technically possible to recover them or they will be anonymized.

  • Contract Data, Equipment Data and Service Data are kept for as long as you are an active subscriber to the OTE / COSMOTE network. After the expiration or termination of contract for any reason with OTE and / or COSMOTE, and provided that there are no overdue debts or credit balance or pending complaints on you part, your personal data is kept for as a period of fourteen (14) months from the termination or expiration of the contract according to the relevant provision in the current legislation (Decision No. 991/4 of the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) “Regulation on General Authorization”, Government Gazette B’ 2265/31-5-2021) of for 5 years, if you have given your consent for this further retention.
After the expiration of the Contract Data retention period and their final deletion, we only retain your fixed or mobile telephony connection in order to identify our previous contractual relationship in case you wish to return to our network.
  • The Billing Data of the subscribers for as long as you are an OTE or COSMOTE subscriber and for additional 12 years from the expiration or termination of the contract for any reason. This period of 12 years is calculated from the date of repayment of any debt owed to OTE and / or COSMOTE or return of any credit balance to you.

  • The recorded calls are kept for one year, while the recorded instructions, which you give during your communication through the IVR system (Interactive Voice Response), are kept in the form of voice to text for 1 year as well.

  • The Traffic Data of the subscribers of the contract are kept for the purpose of billing the calls for one year, while those of the subscribers of prepaid mobile telephony for three months. They may also be retained for other purposes after the expiration of your contract, e.g. in case of your debt or your complaint in relation to the provision or billing of our services, the Traffic Data will be kept until the final resolution of our dispute.

  • Traffic and Location data are also retained for up to three months for troublesome management and request service for the quality of our network and services.
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